Thursday, December 31, 2009

Early Humans Finally Drunk Enough To Invent Dancing!! From The Onion LOL!

"Prominent ethnochoreologists now believe that roughly 20,000 years ago, early humans finally consumed an amount of fermented fruits and vegetables staggering enough to develop the impulsive series of rhythmic movements known today as dancing. "While human beings had experimented with rudimentary forms of shimmying and gyration as early as the Neanderthal period, it was not until they were able to reach critical levels of utter inebriation that early cultures finally began to let their hair down and really cut loose," said Yu Wei Lin of the Beijing Institute of Dance Studies. "In fact, we now believe that alcohol-fueled revelry paralleled and probably influenced the practice of the ill-advised hookup, the rambling apology for the previous night's behavior, and poetry." Lin also said that exciting new evidence indicates that a prehistoric "Electric Slide" was practiced in Tibet millennia before the invention of electricity."

Had to repost from the Onion as it puts our culture into supreme perspective!! Hahahaha!!! Get SHITTY GUY!!

Need something to fear? LMFAO!!

Wow I guess you can pretty much add phobia to anything and its a clinical term...Some of my favorites

"Agraphobia- Fear of sexual abuse" Is anyone NOT afraid of being sexually abused..really?

"Apeirophobia- Fear of infinity" Your ok man your not dying...just REALLY high!

"Arachibutyrophobia- Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth" Cmaaaan!

"Bogyphobia- Fear of bogeys or the bogeyman" Get a night life or stop being 8 yrs old

"Coprophobia- Fear of feces" Well @ least it isnt fecalphelia right?

"Consecotaleophobia- Fear of chopsticks" Just get used to them and succumb to our new emperial leaders!!

"Dutchphobia- Fear of the Dutch." WHO ISNT afraid of the Dutch...anyone wearing wooden shoes should be considered suspect!!

"Epistemophobia- Fear of knowledge" Im pretty sure this describes half of the state of NH

"Eurotophobia- Fear of female genitalia" Dont be SCERRRED its just a puss

I could go on for days but I'll let ya sift through and find your favorites...feel free to comment them....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

WMC 2010 Update

Big up to Vinnie Sky's for hooking a brother up HUGE on this one!!! We doing shit official this year...Thats right I will be playing ULTRA this year along with a few other parties @ WMC so keep checking in as we get closer for details.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Fear and Loathing in Manchvegas 3-Mixed by K-Swiss!!

Colder then a polar bears tonails out there in the Queen today good thing we got new heat for ya!!!

Here is the 3rd in our mix series celebrating the hot mess of a city we call home....This time around we turned mix duties over to Keith "K-Swiss" Porter and he was nice enough to warm the car up for you sort of speak (lol im done the cold weather puns i promise).

Big bass business on all fronts...dubstep,fidget and other experiments in low end theory mixed with a vivacity that screams 603 Stand the FUCK UP!! If you havent witnessed one of Keith's sets recently, I suggest you head the words of Mr Clinton Sparks, and "GET FAMILIAR!!" Boy got cuts, a hard drive full of bangerz and will drink you under the table!


1: GTRONIC - Destroyer

2: Ale Fillman - Nightmare(HoT Mess VIP)

3:GTRONIC - Suck My Lillipop

4: Plump DJ's - Beat Myself Up

5: Udachi feat Jubilee - Smoke Rings 6:The Shoe feat Primary 1 - Movin In

7: Matt Cox - Jumpin(The Squatters Remix)

8: NEON STEREO vs MARCIE - Fuck Me Baby (Will Bailey remix)

9: Steve Aoki feat. Zuper Blahq - I'm In The House (Herv's Burning Down Your House Remix) 10: Alaric - Cruelty (Wolfgang Gartner's Mix)

11: Will Bailey Vs Mikey Hook - Rock the Intro

12: Felix the HouseCat - Kickdrum (T.E.D.D. Remix)

13:Hostage - Rudeboys

14:Borgore - Foes (16 Bit Fuck Hoes Remix)

15: Unknown

16:George Menton - Jungle Whomp

17: B.Rich Make me wanna dance

18: High Rankin - Break Street

19: 2Bit Thugs - Mother F_cKer

20: AC Slater - Play the Record Again

Sunday Selectah 12/27/09

So after 8 weeks of slacking I finally made it out to Sunday Selectah...I know Im a dick and all but keep in mind Sunday is Simpsons night and you KNOW IM A FREAK for the yellow fam. Located @ TJ's in Manchester (a great place to be headbutted!) which is a small sports bar that somehow fits the 603 crowd and the night of the week (get ready for summer ya'll cuz the back alley porch is FIYAH!)....I honestly had TOO much fun! Sunday is usually recovery day and I'm still feeling like poop but definetly worth it. Big ups to Jeff Hyde, Richie and all involved for bringing the Fear back to Manchvegas! If your a fuckin rockstar everyday of the week and in the area do make a point to stop in, schwill $5 pitchers of PEE-B-Rss and get ear fucked by the usual NH suspect selectahs including Jeff Hyde, Emperor Young, Mr Richie and King Midas.....

Here are some pics, more shall be added I'm sure...Sorry for the poor quality on some of them all I had was my Blackberry Storm which is almost worse @ being a camera then it is at being a phone...

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Final Daze NYE in NH is gonna be HUGE!!!

12/31/09 - Final Daze ( New Years ) - NH - Freeparty

Facebook Event Page

Myspace Event Page

Final Daze NYE 12/31/2009 Near Keene, New Hampshire. Venue: TBA Secret Location Free Party! 6pm until 8am?????? 21+ With ID.

Confirmed artists as of Tuesday, December 22nd @ 7:30am

Ross Bailey - Dead Famous Recordings, Abstract Traxx, - Electro / House

Willie Ross - The Agriculture (NY), Tribe Recs. (UK) , OG (usa), Pound Recs. (Canada) - NY - DnB

Madame Buddafly -, Townie Design, Columns of Knowledge - CT - Techno

Frydae - Groovetherapymngmt, aural pleasure, - NH - Bass

Anti-Matter - Scorched Promotions, Sequenced Recordings - NY - Hardcore

SarahLynn - Nocturnal Vybz - FL / NH - DnB

Jaser - Aural Pleasure Productions - FLA - Funky,Jackin, Hip House

NDE - Muck Crew / Nocturnal Vybz - MA / FL - Hardtek / Schranz

James Dyer - 2Beat Events - MA - 4x4 EDM

Yori - Scorched Promotions, Digital Finesse - MA - Psy / Progressive

Emperor Young - Nocturnal Vybz - NH - Breaks

K Swiss - Fortune 500, Rareform - NH - fidget /dub /bass

Jeff Hyde - Nocturnal Vybz, Candyflipt - NH - Hard House / Tech House

Mr. Richie - Nocturnal Vybz, CandyFlipt - MA - DnB

Siga - Dead Famous Recordings - ME - Fidget / Electro

Vitamin J - Digital Influence Productions NH - Breaks / Electro / House

Phil Nominal - 2c-b Underground Productions - NH / ME - Electro

Nova - Seraphim Studios - NH - Electro House / Trance

Diffusion - Psionic Productions - ME - Electro House

Thanatos Vortex - Psionic Productions - NH - DnB

Absolute Zero - Obsession With Intent - NH - DnB

More TBA, with some special guests. :]

Will def be a banger!! Go Go Dancers, A Few Tag Team Sets, 3 decks possibly in the main room... Some other random crazyness, And some definite oldschool flavor. Email 2c-b for information. (Links Provided Below) Contact Information: *To get on guest list, or Information. Or I can also be contacted for information on my Myspace, or Facebook. Or on AIM = six0three2cb Contact Phone Number: TBA As Again This Is A Free Event Donations Are Gladly Accepted But Not Required.

Nike Sportswear “Hufquake” Air Max Sneakers

As you probably are aware I am a HUGE Air Max fan so like it or not I'll be posting nuff pics of kicks I either have or want or WILL ROB YOU FOR!! (j/k no stickup bwoys ova herre) so 1st on the agenda is these Nike Sportswear “Hufquake” Air Max Sneakers...OOOWEEE!!! We'll put these in the gotta have em pile...
“Hufquake” Air Man sneakers that was launched by DQM Bacon and designed by the people at HUF! The sneaker features a hybrid platform with a low top style. This kicks are now available at select Nike retailers.

Sunday's are L-I-VE..LIVELY in Manchester

SUNDAY NIGHT December 27th: Candy FlipT & Live Free Productions Present to You:

Sunday Selecta 603 Sessions @ TJ'S BAR & GRILL MANCHESTER NH NO COVER
21 Central St Manchester, NH 03101

This is all about chilling, listening to good music and sharing a beer with your friends.

This night has been going strong for the last eight weeks, each time getting a better turnout.
They will be playing the best in drum & bass, Break Beats, Dub and more.

Resident Dj's Jeff Hyde & Mr. Richie & Rotating
Guest resident Dj's, K-Swiss & Emperor Young & Monthly Guest Dj Midas ~

Opening Set By: Hyde & Swiss 9:30-11pm Guest Slot by: DJ MIDAS 11-12am Closing set by: Mr. Richie 12:00-Close


Fear and Loathing in Manchvegas Volume 1-3 Avail NOW!!!

Fear and Loathing in Manchvegas...

A new mix series featuring the OFTEN overlooked, NEVER underskilled EDM selecta's of Manchester, NH, USA. For a smaller city of less then 200,000 people Manchester has had a well documented history with dance music going back as far the begining of what we know as the rave scene in the U.S.

In celebration of this history we (the dj's in Manch keeping the torch lit) will be bringing you a new mix every month or so from the best and brightest talent within our lil corner of the world so get ready to house/commute rave your asses off!!!

Download all the mixes as they come out here:

Volume 1 Mixed by Dj Frydae features a few of my original productions and or remix works as well as a slew of tunes provided to me from som of the rising stars of the bass sound of today including T.A.D.T and Pottymouth Music....

(VOl 1 Tracklisting)
1) Repin4da6oh3 -Frydae Ft RO
2)D.A.M.N- Freddiejay
3)Slam- Pendulum (Matt Cox Rmx)
4) Dwarf Porn (original)- Calverton vs. Itchyfeet
5)Bankok (original) -Boris Dlugosch
6)Kuku- Ac Slater Ft Fagget Fairys
7)Beat That Bird ( Fresh Peak's 2nd Birdleg)- Justin Martin & Claude VanStroke
8) Back to The Beat (Riva Star Rmx)-Reekay Garcia
9)Make Me Lose It- Monster Squad
10)I'm Walking (Lee Mortimer Rmx)- Shab Ruffcut &Tee Ski
11)Grifter (original rmx)- Calverton vs Itchyfeet
12)Hello (Dirty Basement Rmx) -Ac Slater
13)Tesla Coil (Frydae's Dubstep Remix- MO7S)
14) We Dont Give A F*#K!- Emynd Ft. YOung Chris
15)Bill Cosby Sweater ( Kazey & Bulldog Rmx) -Oh Snap!
16)Funk Hallelujah -Original Mix
17) I Get Drunk
18) Around The World (Rustler rmx)-Daft Punk
19)Killer (Afrojack rmx)- Fm Audio
20)Apocalypse Theme (12th Planet & Flinch Rmx)- Dave Nada
21) Major Lazors Vs. Ro (Manchester Gets it In Rmx)
22)Jump UP ft Sugahype ( Sticky K rmx)- Major Lazors
23) Jigga What -Cut N Run Ft Jay-z
24) Tippy (Cock Shot)- Frydae
25) NH2BK- LB Ft A.Z. produced by DC

Volume 2 is an absolute MUST HAVE from the Godfather Don of the 603, DJ MIDAS!!! From throwing some of the 1st and most legendary 1 off and weekly parties in the golden era of the N.E. scene to owning Manchester's last oasis of vinyl, Fortune 500 Records this man is truly the reason we do it how we do it up herrre...Be sure to listen intently as John melts your mind the way only he can on volume 2. No tracklisting up so far but that is of no concern as you wont know which way is up after about 3min of this mix!!!!

Midas Manchester midas500 manchvegas grindhouse fortune 500 electro
Volume 2 of the new Queen City mix collection "Fear and Loathing in Manchvegas" mixed live in the attic by DJ Midas

Hope you enjoy these mixes and make sure to check back for volume 3 mixed by K-Swiss of Rare Form Productions as well as Volume 4 mixed by SP1 (heard its already done...damn Shawn your good like that huh?)

1st Post.....and its vanity shit

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Just figuring out how to work this bloggerino thing while posting some of my creations on I know that this isnt exactly exciting except to sneaker freakz and fans of but I needed something to post from work in order to learn this stuff. You should probably see these on my feet anyday now. Putting in the order asap...