Saturday, January 30, 2010

3 Cheers for Crimes

It amazes me that I haven't heard of this kid sooner! CRIMES! is hailing outta "Killafornia" and has been making my eardrums sing for a few weeks now. I don't have much info on this guy, but, I have got some tracks that have thankfully floated into my inbox. I've tried searching his music on numerous blog aggregators as well as popular mp3 download sites and came up with nothing... strange.

Don't know how such work could go unnoticed. So let me do the pleasure of getting him some notariety on our blog. I'll be honest with ya. After not finding his tracks elsewhere I almost wanted to keep them to myself. Then I decided that this needs to be heard more than that! We're talkin 'bout some serious bass business.

After scrubbin through his myspace a bit I cam e to realize this kid's seriously talented. There's dope tracks, and some killer artwork. I would have to say you need to get your ass there and show some RESPECT! So check out CRIMES! and now onto the music...

First up is a BANGER that I have put into my rotation! Big drums and Big BASS!
CRIMES! - How We Get Down.mp3

Now, yet another big 4x4 Banger. Some good drum work, some psuedo "ravey" synths and a big wobbly bassline.
CRIMES! - Dieing is Easy.mp3

What more can I say, this kid's tracks are HUGE! This on'es got a nice militant snare line and the 2nd break hits on the DubStep tip for sure! I'll be droppin this one TOMORROW!
CRIMES! - Shit Like This.mp3

Ok, with that out the way, of course we got some Dubstep tracks!
CRIMES! - 100 Proof

Here's a slower feelin dub track. It may have a slower feel but it will still give ya a kick in the seat.
CRIMES! - Killa Dub.mp3

Finally I'll leave ya a few more. A couple of remixes and tracks that I'll let speak for themselves!
The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love(CRIMES! - Remix).mp3

Knightstalkers - Narcotics(CRIMES! - REMIX).mp3

Pitbull Ft Trina And Young Bo - Go Girl (CRIMES BOOTY REMIX).mp3

CRIMES! - Party Crasha (CRIMES! Raided ReEdit).mp3

I'll now repeat again, get to this guys myspace page and SHOW SOME MAJOR RESPECT!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Where NOT to STAY @ WMC and on tour Nationwide!!

Found this @ work today and had to laugh seeing as my boy Joe W works with me and stayed with me at # 7 a couple years back for conference. I can defffff confirm not only was it the grimey enough that I slept fully clothed for a week but also witnessed through a peep whole and air condtioning vent the aftermath of an apparent homosexual quote the cleaning man "they broke the bed frame in half...I never seen anything like it" Beware the cockroaches that will glare at you from the wall lights ALL illuminated!!!!


Although the Farrington Inn might be the dirtiest hotel in Boston, according to Trip Advisor, it did not make the site's top 10 list of dirtiest hotels in America.

Here's the list:

1. Heritage Marina Hotel, San Francisco, CA
2. Days Inn Eureka/Six Flags, Eureka, MO
3. Tropicana Resort Hotel, Virginia Beach, VA
4. Super 8 Virginia Beach/At the Ocean, Virginia Beach, VA
5. Quality Inn, Stroudsburg, PA
6. New York Inn, New York City, NY
7. Parisian Hotel & Suites, Miami Beach, FL
8. Capistrano Seaside Inn, Capistrano Beach, CA
9. Desert Lodge, Palm Springs, CA
10. Continental Oceanfront Hotel South Beach, Miami Beach, FL

Monday, January 25, 2010

Sky's the Limit Music Presents Alter Ego's

First day of the conference, free, B-Rich, Pool party and Debaucherous Manner Encouraged? I think I've died and gone to rave heaven!! Make sure to catch a 1st time ever Miz Eyesis/ Frydae bass gasm!!!

New Frydae Tune ft Drift!! Rip Groove 99 Vs Drift and Beverly Knight

Bev and Drift Rip a Groove 99 Stylee  by  frydae

January 30th another Space Banga!!!

Everybody loves SPACE! Is it the open bar? Is it the lasers? Maybe the dope djs and huge dance floor? Take your pick, and for this party we have made several improvements to the venue. Space is a fully renovated loft with high ceilings in a building that for whatever reason allows us to party hard and late! So far we have the following dj's scheduled:

DJ Frydae

Representin' Manch Vegas spinning "bass/b-more/dubstep/fidget and maybe some d&b"

JSB - Space resident
All kinda breaks and crazy remixes

Sex Goliath - Space resident
Hip Hop/Mashup or electro set

More coming...

***Just added ****
One of the baddest VJ's on the planet Kedaar Kumar baby!!!

Guest list only!
Tighter than ever! Not on list? BYE BYE!!!!

Must submit an RSVP on the Facebook Invite then also

Follow instructions carefully to get on the list, messages with instructions and more details coming soon.

Same deal w/ the bar. No complaining, sob-story telling, hating. You all will be pleasantly surprised with the tasty additions that we have in store. Bring peace and good times! Any questions message chris or jared.......we outta here!!!

Want a good reason to use Ableton? Here's one!

Ableton and Serato -- two of the biggest names in live music production -- have been working in stealth mode over the past year to create what they've been billing as "the future of digital DJing," and today that new product has been revealed as The Bridge. Basically, you've got a thin layer of software that sits between full versions of both Serato Live (or Itch) and Ableton Live that allows output from both products to flow into the other -- DJ sets can be imported into Ableton with full control over effect parameters, tempo, pitch, and so on, and Ableton instruments can sit inside a Serato session. It's an interesting advancement, and the way the companies are talking, this is just the first in a string of products of the partnership; the good news is that The Bridge will be free to owners of both products, but unfortunately there's no release date yet, so raves are going to have to soldier on using last year's technology for at least a while longer. Hang tight, we're told it's "coming soon."

Here's a demo video they put up, it's not the greatest but it will give you a feel of what this can do. Unfortunately one of dude's mics is absolute shit!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Champion Beats New Release by Frederik Mooij


Yet another round of big wobbly dirty ass electro/fidget whatever the fuck the kids are calling it these days..whatever it is it makes my bum wiggle and if your reading this then probably yours too...Ep is called "Good Vibrations" and all the tunes are on smash!!

Release date is January 25th so save ya quarters and get to their beatport page to cop these..

128kps clips:


Melting Man

Jay Force Rmx (BIG CHOOON!!)

Matty Cox Rmx

John E Industy

Damn Bells

Captain Kylo says Go Buy BASS NOW!!!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dragon Styleeeeeeeeee!!

Big ass raving shit over here from Simply Jeff Dragon Style is literally the culmination of ALL things RAVE and therefor AWESOME!! I shall let these ones do the talking here. Go support and cop the release when it drops in full on Beyond Zilla Records!!

Dragon Style

B Side is called and it is!! Peep it too....


Yo Jeff has been good to us marauders so return the favor and go cop this and all releases avail!!

Big tings a gwaaan over @ Cable Recordings!!

*****Sorry For the mixup before...the links have been corrected on this post
I've been holding these off for a week or so and in that short time Justin Johnson and crew from Cable Recordings put a yet more remixes in the can and in our inbox..Official release Im told isn't till April so I wont let out all the goodies out until a bit closer to then, in order to keep you all from complete meltdown (specially for free lol)

What I will give to you blog ass fiends is a lil bit of the Mighty

Lee Combs
remixing Justin Johnson and 3po's NY Stories..HUGE!!! Breakbeat then 4/4 bassy, techy whatever the fuck you kids call it today its HUGE!!! Definetly finding it into my next mix so dont even try that all know who you is!

Justin Johnson And 3PO "NY Stories"(Lee Coombs Rmx)

Next up is a remix by Dj Nomad moodier and more minimal (ummm...yeah) progressive-y kinda...i dunno download and peep it ya damnselfs...

Ny Stories" (Dj Nomad Rmx)

Below is the
press write up..Be on the lookout right herr for soooooo much more from this label real soon!!

"In 2007, we released the Trendroid remix of New York Stories, but decided to hold back on releasing the original. Well, we said it's finally about time we released the original, but we thought "let's get Lee Coombs to remix it"!!!!
We've also got DJ Nomad NYC to do a Tribal remix, and it's very NYC Tribal Progressive sounding. "

All sorts of places to peep and buy music from these fine gents so get to supporting creatons....



Beats Digital:

Dance Tracks

DJ Download

DJ Tunes



Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stupid Fresh Remixes Chris Lake

So with the Crazy weekend I've been slackin a bit. So now I'll bring back some tunes and other music happennings.

Stupid Fresh are Chris Elliott and Tod Hodge. They have tracks signed to Vacation Records and are offically signed to Micky Slim’s Bomb Squad label.The duo - Tod Hodge and Chris Elliot to their mums - have very quickly risen from virtual unknowns to download chart-roasting, scene-leading heroes of international renown. And when they’re knocking out some of the most eye-wateringly effective dancefloor music of recent years, it’s hardly surprising, is it?

Stupid Fresh’s trademark blend of sledgehammer beats, elephantine bass, and lashings of groove has won support across the board from their peers, radio, bloggers and most importantly, dancefloors. The duo are also dab hands behind the ones and twos, commended for their sicker-than-an-ebola-outbreak sets, and have rubbed shoulders with names like Jesse Rose, Fergie and Richard Dinsdale. (The latter of whom they are lucky to still be on cordial terms with, after an unfortunate flatulence blunder in a DJ booth when they first met. It wasn’t just the tunes that were sick that night...)

These lads are CRAZY! So I suggest you take a listen, take heed, and prepare to be blown away! And as always show some support and buy some tracks at

Chris Lake & Lys - La Tromba (Stupid Fresh We Announce The Remix)

DJ Dan - Needle Damage(Stupid Fresh Remix)

Would love to post more tunes but, this is what I got for ya. I suggest some serious searchin and downloading of these guys' material! Such as this bomb thay I've dropped on a few dancefloors myself. Great material comin out from Stupid Fresh...

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday is full of Black Noise!

Well it's friday and I am stoked for the weekend. Great things happening in the area. Headed to Rise tonight to see Dj Dan and Endo. As if that wasn't enough Jeff Gil's birthday is tomorrow @ Privus w/ dj's Odi, Domonique, and Sex Goliath. And of course Sunday we've got 603 Sessions @ TJ's. So for the kick off to the weekend I've got some MEGA tunes...

Alright peeps, next up we've got some choons from Black Noise. Now, by definition, Black Noise is the absence of noise, or silence. This is NOT the case with these guys. We're talkin HUGE! Great production that demands to be followed with their original work and remixes to the likes of Crookers, Tonka, Laidback Luke & Diplo, and Trevor Loveys. Also, I might add that they've been extremely pleasent to converse with and I'm glad to have the pleasure of them agreeing to share these tracks. They've got bangin beats, fresh sounds, and of course BIG BASS!(what else did you expect?) You gotta know by now that here at the undercarriage, we love us some bass. So let's roll through what we've got...

First up we've got One of their works, Knock You Out(kick the break VIP) which has some classic stabs and break sounds layered over a fidget base, and A KILLER bassline.I know Kyle's gonna get down on this one.(If he hasn't already)
Black Noise-Knock You Out(kick the break VIP)

Next up we've got their remixes of Duck Sauce's "Anyway". Just to keep you on "the know" Duck Sauce is A-Trak and Armand Van Helden. With that said, the disco mix is outside of what I've come to know of Black Noise but still MAJOR. Then of course they went ahead and paired that with the duely titled bassline mix. Enjoy!
Duck Sauce-Anyway (Black Noise Disco Mix)

Duck Sauce-Anyway (Black Noise Bassline Mix)

Last up, we've got a remix they did of Tonka's "Jack Track". I really like where this one has gone. It's almost remeniscent of the speed garage sound. Some smooth synths and rolling bassline. Another definate keeper!
Tonka-Jack Track (Black Noise VIP remix)

Added spice right here! This is the video to their track "Jackin' My Fresh" featuring Lex One. Wish I had the track to post up but if you want it, show some respect to Black Noise and buy it at

OK, OK, one more fix... We've got a 30 minute mixtape of these guys. If you enjoy the tracks, you'll enjoy the mix, so listen and enjoy. I know I did!

Black Noise 30min Slash-and-Burn Mix
01. Miike Snow - Black & Blue (Andy George & Jaymo Mx)
02. Ladyhawke - Back Of The Van (A1 Bassline Mx)
03. Black Noise ft. Lex-One - Jackin My Fresh
04. The Young Punx ft. Count Bass D - Ready For The Fight (Black Noise Mx)
05. Will Bailey - Hit The Club (Mightyfools Mx)
06. LMHMKMKM - Fukk Off (Disco Of Doom Mx)
07. Beni - Fringe Element (Alex Gopher Mx)
08. Sawgood - CTRL Ur Brain (Calvertron Mx)
09. Audio Fun - Dirty Gold (Tonka Mx)
10. Black Noise ft. Murs - Looking Fly (Accapella)
11. Tom Staar - Erm
12. Kid Cudi - Make Her Say (Afrojack Mx)
13. N.E.R.D - Time For Some Action (Nom De Strip Mx)
14. Crookers - Put Your Hands On Me (Black Noise Mx)
15. Black Noise - JUngle Iz Em

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Chilled out Dubstep from Kastle

Apparently B.Rich has been hard at work on this side project. Showing no signs of slowing down, Kastle follows up his December mix with a genre-blending new years compilation. Shortly after launching the project last month, he is already in the studio working on his debut EP for Seclusiasis along with several remixes.

Sade - Soldier Of Love (Kastle Remix) link removed by "the man"

Kastle January 2010 Promo
01. DJ Madd - I Know It's You
02. Tek-One - Wax Poetic
03. Wedge - Running Away (Guido Remix)
04. NastyNasty - Damn Girl
05. Zero 7 - Everything Up (Joker & Ginz Remix)
06. SDUK - Clunge
07. Julissa Veloz - Take Control (HavocNdeeD Remix)
08. Joker - City Hopper
09. Example - Won't Go Quietly (Kastle Remix)
10. Kano - Rock N Roller (Starkey Remix)
11. NastyNasty - No Names
12. Robin Thicke - Sex Therapy (12th Planet Remix)
13. Ellie Goulding - Under The Sheets (Pariah Remix)
14. Kastle - Fitter Happier (Radiohead Cover)
15. Alix Perez - 1984
16. Instra:Mental - Watching You
17. D:Bridge - Wonder Where
18. Subwave - First Time
19. Well Being - Without A Doubt
- Robert Manos - Silver -
20. Mutt - Conversations ft. Kevin King
21. Burnkane - You Will Forget ft James J K Hughes
22. ill.gates & Filastine - Waiting For Initiation
23. Wax Tailor - We Be ft Ursula Rucker
24. Sade - Soldier Of Love (Kastle Remix)
25. Izaak Stern - DF Tripper
26. Jogger - Nice Tights (Nosaj Thing Remix)
27. Uffie ft. Mr Oizo - MCs Can Kiss (Starkey Remix)
28. Geeneus - Yellowtail VIP
29. VV Brown - Unity (Cooly G Remix)
30. Shavana - Feeling Shy (1QY & F@Z Remix)
31. Mosca - Square One (Greena Remix)

Spring Supra Skytop 2's

Hi Tops seem to just keep getting...well higher. These Supra Skytop 2's are seemingly love em or hate em but I think I'm undecided as of yet..What ya'll think? Please discuss amongst yourselves...

Here are the first Releases of the Supra Skytop 2 sneaker for this Spring 2010 and the black suede will be available this Friday at Factory 413.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Special Hometown Set Sunday 01/16/09

If you havent been to Sunday Selecta @ tj's in Manch then why not this week when I play?

Located @ Tj's Bar, 21 Central St, Manchester NH this was my local watering hole all summer and is a good time even without the aural fellatio that goes on Sunday's. Great crowd of 50 + everytime I've been and due to the size of the venue place feels rammed! Oh yeah did I mention $5 Pitchers?!?!?!?

Dj's for the evening:

Jeff Hyde
Mr Richie

Monday, January 11, 2010

Feeling Hungary? Want more choons? Taste what Headshotboyz have cooked up...

It’s quite a task putting a unique twist on the already twisted fidget house sound, but Headshotboyz from Hungary manage it with casual bravado. Their unique and bold production skills already caught the attention of some of the scene’s main players, and with successful releases on Crux Records and Sick Recordings, plus many more to come they are bound to get heads banging on a global scale.

What would you expect from two fun-loving, thrill-seeking, hard-partying and mad-grimacing guys if they made music? Hard party music that’s fun, makes you smile, jump with excitement and pull stupid faces, of course. And this is exactly what you get from Headshotboyz - and then some more.

These young BMX bandits have been best mates forever, but they forged their musical partnership only a few years ago. DJ Prym (Kristof Ambrozy) and Snifter (Lajos Nadhazi) first became a fixture on (Hungary’s capital) Budapest’s burgeoning drum and bass scene. Their initial quest of being unrivalled party animals soon turned into an urge to create incomparable music, both separately and together. However, after some time focusing strictly on making drum and bass tunes, they picked up on other electronic dance music styles and as their taste in music broadened, so did their production style, spawning a bastard sound of electro, breaks, tech-house, ’blog-house’, ghetto-tech, crunk, baile funk, 2step and nu-rave.

It’s no easy task to label such a beast, so just for the sake of simplicity, let’s call it fidget house with a difference. Headshotboyz are the prime exponents of this steadily evolving genre in Hungary and they look set to gain some well-deserved international recognition with their truly peerless sound. As a matter of fact, they’ve already got praise from some of the scene’s key figures, e.g. Lee Mortimer, The Bulgarian, TJR or Chicago-based label Potty Mouth, as well as track requests and compliments from Bassbin Twins, Stereoheroes, Utah Saints - proof that their music appeals not only to fidget lovers, but to breaks, techno and electro heads also.

Stephan Olbricht - Poor Misunderstood Me (Headshotboyz Remix).mp3

Micky Slim & Stupid Fresh Vs. Virus Syndicate - Skank Out (Headshotboyz Remix).mp3

Noob & Brodinski - Peanuts Club (Headshotboyz Renuts) [320kbps].mp3

Nid And Sancy - My Agitator (Headshotboyz Remix).mp3

This is another BANGER of a track by these 2 'gents. So much great production out there at the moment and still certain people just seem to shine!

Champion Beats Remix Contest!!!

Anthony @ Champion Beats let us in on a remix contest they are holding for an upcoming Kerrie Nation release entitled "Shake Pop and Lock".


Remix Pack

As with most remix contests the prize is a release by Champion Beats on Beatport
Any genre will be accepted but knowing these guys/gals output getting low and wobbly probably wouldn't hurt your chances of getting this released.

Anthony didn't specify but I'm assuming wav or Aif would be the preferred formats for submission. All submissions must be in by Mar 5th and sent to

Champion Beats Blog

Together Festival Lineup Released

WOW!! Them boys in the Bean is doing it BIG!!! Peep the flyer and get prepped to party (and learn some stuff in the process im told) in this 1st New England Electronic Music Festival!!

Beat It!!! Korg WaveDrum

The new Wavedrum might be significantly more affordable than the first version (which retailed for £1500-odd when released), but it arguably looks better. Out is the, erm, toilet-seat aesthetic of the original and in is a 'futuristic conga' look.

"It's hard to describe this second generation Wavedrum's breathtaking sound and playability. It's phenomenally good"It's still a hefty enough piece of kit and, at just over 13" in diameter, it's perfectly sized for hand or stick playing. The chassis of the Wavedrum might be plastic, but it inspires confidence in terms of longevity, and the steel 'hoop' and tactile head are instantly inviting.

The fact that the Wavedrum feels more like a real instrument than an electronic gadget will become something of a theme in this review - and the fact that the head is tensionable (with five bolts) is just one of the factors that plays a key part in this.

The rounded profile of the hoop, and its satin finish, are clearly designed for comfort, but there's extra functionality built in here too. Two notched ridges (wide spaced on the right of the hoop and closer on the left) are present to allow for additional sonic options.

Scraping a stick or flicking across these ridges with a fingernail gives a completely different response than playing on the head in 'standard' fashion. The playing area rightly dominates the unit, with controls - limited to a volume control, six buttons, three LEDs and a 'Value' pot - taking up a narrow strip at the top of the drum.

Connections to and from the Wavedrum are similarly simple. Two 1/4" jacks for left and right stereo output, a headphone out and Aux In (the latter two both on mini-jacks) and that's your lot. Yep, there's no MIDI - more of which later.

Internally, things are a lot more complex, however. The Wavedrum's DSP innards combine analogue, additive, non-linear and physical modelling synthesis methods to deliver 36 sound-shaping algorithms. And these basic building blocks appear alongside 200 different PCM instruments that cover some extremely convincing acoustic percussion emulations. If all of that means next to nothing then read on, because it simply means good things are contained within.

Hands on
Before delving into the gloriousness of the Wavedrum's sonic arsenal, it should be pointed out that just as it's a flexible musical performer, it's also versatile from a playing perspective. The unit can be mounted on any standard snare drum stand for inclusion in a kit, mounted on a taller stand for playing at conga height, or nestled into your lap for sat-down hippy jamathons around a camp fire. Near an electrical outlet, clearly.

Once set-up, you can start digging in, with hands, sticks, mallets or whatever you prefer. Either way, you're going to be spoiled. We've already alluded to the fact that the Wavedrum feels like a real instrument. On the most basic level that's because its recreations of congas, djembes, snares and myriad other acoustic instruments are so impressive.

The emulations are complex and deep, responsive to every playing nuance; as such the Wavedrum avoids any sensation of just being a clever trigger. Instead it feels organic, alive and, yup, very real. If you were just to use the Wavedrum as a source of acoustic percussion sounds you'll never tire of it. But the real fun starts when you harness its wilder side.

Within the 100 preset programs are gems like Yoga Breathing Drum, a deep tabla tone with a 'talking' pitch bend when you press the head and Japanese taiko and tsuzumi drum sounds triggered from the rim. It's hard to describe this second generation Wavedrum's breathtaking sound and playability. It's phenomenally good.

But there will be those that raise an eyebrow at what is an unarguably clunky, arcane editing system that involves multiple button pushes (and remembering that 'U.Cr' and '' are the three-segment LED's way of announcing the Velocity Curve and Pressure Tune parameters), and a lack of MIDI. Frankly, it's oddness like this that adds to the Wavedrum's character, though - you have to learn to work with it and around its quirks.

And no MIDI? Well, the resulting standalone nature only further reinforces the idea of the Wavedrum as instrument, not studio trigger machine.

Review found on Music Radar

8-Bit Hilarity via The Village Voice...

Ahhhhhh NYC and its plethora of street atists!! Some dope Wheatpaste NES titles that NEED to be released...Programy Nerds form like Voltron and make this happen!!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Bass from a DRY place!!

Just got back in touch with my WAR STORIES P.I.C. Ryan Type R (u sure itll fit bitch) Blair after his move to AZ...As Im sure your aware dude packs HZ's up your cavities so get FAMILIAR!!!

Latest tracks by Type-R



Even more wobbly goodness from the center New England area!!! Damn people ought to start checkin on us up here huh? Seems like DAILY I get a new mixtape or tune from someone in my direct circle of friends and they never fail to get replay in the carolla!!!! Big ups to the one Short Round for this one!! Keep pumpin ish out and the Marauders will keep posting!!! BOH on the BASS BUSINESS!!!

01 Live from yo mommas house by ShortRound

Slickest dj booth on 4 wheels!!

Well, although the picture is worth a thousand words. I'm left with more questions, such as.. "Where the FUNK do I cop one of these?" I mean seriously, This thing is MASSIVE! It's as if they took the Pope-Mobile and handed it over to a bunch of ravers for a new series of Overhaulin' I can imagine the discussion on this one
"Well we always wanted to rave in 3 states in one night, and now we can. Just get this thing on the interstate and we're doin it!At 65mph+"

Also, if we took off the brake and threw this in nuetral would the bass move it. I think if that worked and you had the crew here at Undercarriage behind the decks. We'd have those HUGE subwoofers workin it up to aroud 30mph!! On the real though this thing is juiced up! Sportin 2 tech 1200's, a mixer(unknown), and a vast array of seemingly rocket powered speakers. This thing takes the term "mobile dj" to a whole new level!


Here's an excerpt from Dutch Artist Olaf Mooij who created this beast!: "The idea for the DJ Mobile is inspired by the song "God is a DJ" [from faithless] and the car of our HOLY-POPE. These two things were mixed together and there it was the DJ Mobile. The DJ Mobile is a functional artwork with a PA System built in" he also goes on to add that you can RENT this thing for events! Man to live out there we'de be ravin on regular! Where you ask.. Oh here , there and ANY FUCKIN WHERE WE WANT!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

SCM-003 – Edu K – Ja, Mann! From Scatermusic BIG CHOONS!!

WOW!!! Ill let the press release do the talking on this one wow!!

SCM-003 sees Scattermusic team up with the one, the only, the legend, Edu K. It’s a fun-fuelled trip through varied styles of dope club music and is one that holds close to our heart. Edu was of course our guest DJ at the first official Scatterblog Presents… party back in feb this year, which saw us put together our first release package, and was essentially the start of great things to come.
We feel like we’ve been blood-brothers with Edu ever since, so we’re obviously super excited to put out this release by him. We’ve managed to get together a whopping 7 remixes, making the EP feel more like an album.
(Forgot to mention that this ep is getting played by a heap of great djs, and soon to appear in some mag write ups by some special peeps – and Mom & Dad’s remix was charted #1 by Brodinski in his December chart.)

Edu K has been a master of dance music for years. From his forward thinking Baile Funk to his Rave Zombie Electro and now his worldy, percussion inspired tech house, Edu K has always managed to shock and inspire his audience with his take on music.

His first release with Scattermusic is a 2 track EP, packed to the brim with remixes. The EP includes the tracks “Ja, Mann!”; a cheeky, worldly minimal track filled with energy and plenty of drum rolls and “Jumpin n Pumpin”; a crazy, horn-fuelled number that doesn’t know when to quit.

Remixes of “Ja. Mann!” come courtesy of Mom & Dad with a totally club, stomper that’s all-to-relevant and Slap & Dash with a relentless, Hip Hop influenced dance track, filled with big synths and marching drums. Remixes of “Jumpin n Pumpin” see Dubbel Dutch take us to a dirty rave, flipping the tune over and over; Lewis CanCut get on a new age, hyped up Hip Hop/Dancehall/Baile Funk vibe, with 2 versions, slotting original vocals over the top from Dizzy Dee and Mars E Pan; WILDLIFE! who has given the track an almost Caribbean UK Funky vibe and Femme En Fourrure who have flipped the tune into a deep and dark minimal number to lose yourself to.

Download the entire release her e++>SCM-003 – Edu K – Ja, Mann!

1. Edu K – Ja, Mann!

2. Edu K – Ja, Mann! (Mom & Dad Remix)

3. Edu K – Ja, Mann! (Slap & Dash Remix)

4. Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin

5. Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin (Dubbel Dutch Remix)

6. Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin (Lewis CanCut Remix feat. Dizzy Dee)

9. Edu K – Jumpin n Pumpin (Femme En Fourrure Remix)

Download full release pack as .mp3

Download full release pack as .wav


Monsterous Dubstep from SP1- No 4 in the Fear n Loathing series!!!

I wrote Shawn (SP1) a text earlier today and told him how I planned to have drug fueled sex to this mix in the near future and it was no joke... I actually have had this for about a week now and it hasn't left my car's CD player since!!!

Sexy, not sludgy electrostep and dubstep on this the 4th installment of FALIMV mixtape series...This kid is killing it everywhere he plays and I suggest someone move on this kid before he owns the world!!! If your looking to book him as Im positive you will be get @ Midas or Shawn via soundcloud, FB or Myspace( Ill update links later Im just lazy right now)

Fear & Loathing in Manch Vegas Vol. 4 (back to manch vegas) by SP1
Fear and Loathing In Manchvegas Volume 4.
1 intro
2 night by night (skream remix)
3 broken string (tek one)
4 dressed to digress (nero remix)
5 more then friends (emperatron remix)
6 cold rocker (george lenton)
7 the kiss (banga tang remix)
8 hornz cru (rusko)
9 make it funky for me (rusko remix)
10 c jahova (rusko)
11 the takeover (caspa)
12 ghosts 'n' stuff (nero remix)
13 bionic commando (rusko)
14 animal (jakwob remix)
15 jungle whomp (george lenton)
16 one last time (george lenton)
17 satellite (hudson mohawke remix)
18 under the sheets (jakwob remix)
19 everyday (jakwob remix)

Wobbly Bass Made "Simpler" in Ableton

So if you're like us at Undercarriage then you deff loves some BASS!! Hearing a great bassline for me is right up there with hearing a girl scream my name during those "sweaty moments".

Now I'm just stepping into the production arena and have found this tutorial by Dubspot and was happy that it's actually quite helpful. They step you through the simpler instrument in Ableton to create that wobbly bassline used in DubStep and Fidget(as well as other genres). Hopefully everyone out there in the blogosphere find it as useful as I did.

Jan 7 · DJ AM + DJ Premier x Nike Sportswear – Two-Pack Box With Serrato Vinyl

HOLY BUSINESS!!!! Guess what's new on my wish list? Got to have the Permier's

Introducing the Nike Dunk Hi x DJ AM and the Nike AF1 x DJ Premier.

Nike Sportswear offered these unique individuals, DJ AM and DJ Premier, a chance to share the spirit of athletics and rivalry through design. When it came to electing two music industry leaders from the East and West coasts, these innovators whose infatuation with their craft has not only created a culture, but also moved that culture with the sound that emanates from their turntables. DJ Premier from the East, and DJ AM from the West were chosen and now present to you the outcome of this design battle.

Representing the EAST: DJ Premier

When it comes to the East Coast and legendary hip hop producers, DJ Premier will be named their turntable king. Adopting Brooklyn as his home, DJ Premier chose this icon of East Coast culture to represent his presence in the design challenge that was placed before him. Signature East Coast style, the Air Force 1 has been revered on the streets as not only a staple, but also as a name of respect in the city boroughs. Nike Sportswear Design Director Jesse Leyva worked with Premier on this shoe and he mentioned that, "Premo wanted to put his name somewhere on the shoe, but not in a loud way." This was accomplished with a subtle laser on the back heels. Using the palette of NYC as his inspiration, DJ Premier colored up his AF1 in black, forest green, and white to represent the current styles of his city.

Representing the WEST: DJ AM

It is no secret that DJ AM, aka Adam Goldstein, was not only obsessed with sneaker culture, but was also infatuated with one of the most celebrated of Nike Sportswear icons, the Nike Dunk. Coupled with his love of the brand and his affection for the Dunk, DJ AM rendered a classic in the most traditional form. Leyva said, "It's crazy to think we hadn't yet worked with DJ AM." Taking inspiration from old school Air Jordan colorways and his massive collection of sneakers, DJ AM brings you the Dunk rendered in red, black, and gray. DJ AM’s passion for deejaying would only result in a shoe that has numerous references to his craft. Dot detailing on the back heel of the shoe represents the flashing lights only a DJ can see reflecting from spinning turntables. The black and grey colorway is a hint to the materials he used to ignite a dance floor. With the color red as the base, his DJ AM logo is embossed on the tongue tab of the shoe as the final detail.

The Nike Dunk Hi x DJ AM and Nike AF1 x DJ Premier will be available worldwide on Saturday, January 9th 2009. Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer will host a launch event on January 7th, and Nike Sportswear at The Montalban will host a launch event on January 9th. Exclusively at these events, the AM and Premier footwear will be enclosed in a custom two-pack box, paired with Serrato vinyl that hooks back to the colors of each DJ's shoe. 100% of the proceeds from these launches will benefit the DJ AM Memorial Fund. Stay tuned for more event details.

Nike Sportswear at 21 Mercer
21 Mercer Street
New York, NY

Nike Sportswear at The Montalban
1615 Vine Street
Los Angeles, CA

Other partners include:
Addict, Miami
Blends, CM, DT, SD
Bodega, Boston
Concepts, Boston
CRSVR, Santa Barbara
Darkside, SF
Dave’s Quality Meats, NYC
Kicks HI
Mr. R, Miami
Proper, LB
Rare Footage, Miami
Shoe Gallery, Miami
UBIQ, Philly

Also a lil Nike Bespoke video that makes me moist!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Beyond Zilla Xenon Electron Remixes!

The next release we were so luckily gifted was Xenon Electron's "Weekend" with remix duties by Simply Jeff, Charles Feelgood & Jeff T and a minimally kind of tech house remix by Son of Kumiko (not my deal but I know a TON of people who will!) Peep the status and go support these dudes because shit..... their DOPE!!

Simply Jeff Fidget Rmx

Feelgood & Jeff T Rmx

Hole Bunch Of Funkin Gonuts From Beyond Zilla!!

MassiFF respect to the one like Simply Jeff for supplying the funk in 2010 and for ALL of yours and mine's ravin' career for that matter

2 Different releases on the Beyond Zilla imprint here for you to peep and I'd say something for nearly everyone..

First up.. as he sent it 1st is a MONSTER of a tune called Hemisphere and 3 remixes of said tune....Jeff's Original Mix is a squelchy fidget romp that is definitely tearing up a rave in LA this minute, all the while feeling like it could've been doing the same thing in 97-98' Big Big Tune :)

Of the other remixes my personal favorite is Brian Thomas' in fact don't be surprised if this sneaks into the Ultra set cuz the bass is freakin b-a-n-an-as!!! Bass line is a killer!!! Somebody tell this dude to holla at the Undercarriage crew cuz this is WHAT Keith and I DO...Dang!!!

Now that your ear pussies are wet peep the video for Jeff's new tune and go COP THAT SHIT!!

Computer Music Freebies!!

Computer Musice guide to Festive Freebies

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The good folks at CM def earn their $16 + cover price by constantly supplying us Marauder's with free sounds, plug ins etc and their website is no different. Here's some stuff they posted in December..

Computers are actually up to good while you sleep!!

In a world where we are constantly "connected" its only natural to fear the day when the machines takeover al la T2,Matrix etc..But like the Japanese have figured out the machines arent trying to take over they just want to make pretty images thatjust may invoke seizures!! Give a big fuck you sized dick kick to Neo and his band of apocalyptic nerds and put the "machine" to work for you all the while getting badly needed ravist!!

Get this great open source (PC and Mac) screen saver by Scott Draves that runs on thousands of computers around the world while their users aren't using them. The computers calculate complicated fractal images and share and display the results (sheeps). You can vote for your favorite fractal animations with your keyboard, so they live longer in the genetic algorithm. You can also design your own sheep on pc mac or linux using - where you can find the tool, the source code and bunch of tutorials to get you started. Other tools are available on

Consider what generated fractals can do for a VJ's show!!!

Big ups to Subtechnology for this axn!

Do I hear a cool side project?

Enter Kastle, a new side project from American heavy bass / dubstep producer, B. Rich. A project laced with personal reflection and creative experimentation. The artist shows in his first few productions that he is made up of more than dancefloor bangers and basslines and will continue to use this as an outlet for deeper musical ideas. Thanks go out to B.Rich for the hook up on these. Dude never seems to let me down with his production, live sets, and constant drive to push the musical envelope.
Cosmic Revenge - Late Nights (Kastle Remix)

Kanye West - Coldest Winter (Kastle Remix)

Kastle - December '09 Promo Mix
01. MyMy & Emika - Price Tag (Appleblim & Komonazmuk Remix)
02. Cooly G - Love Dub
03. Beezy - Thoughts In Retrospect (Roska Remix)
04. Illyah & Ltd. Candy - Fight The Formation
05. Mount Kimbe - Sketch On Glass
06. Sully - Reminder
07. Kastle - Better Off Alone
08. Kanye West - Coldest Winter (Kastle Remix)
09. Joe - Rut
10. Untold - Stop What Your Doing (James Blake Remix)
11. DJ Madd - Someone
12. Drop The Lime - Set Me Free (Reso Remix)
13. Guido - Beautiful Complication
14. Cosmic Revenge - Late Nights (Kastle Remix)
15. The Widdler - Stand By You
16. Synkro - Lost For Words
17. Debruit - Soles Sweat ft. 215TFK & Stray (Reso Remix)
18. Pinch - Get Up (Guido Mix)
19. Rooflight - Heart Like An Airport Runway
20. Sines - Still Foolish
21. Landslide - Parables
22. Starkey - Ok Luv ft. Badness

Record your live sets then upload to podcast from your IPHONE!!

As if I wasnt ALREADY disgusted by my blackberry storm...yet another app I can't have but NEED!! Cmaaaaan crackberry get on this!!

Minneapolis, MN – Audiofile Engineering, a leading audio software developer for Mac, has released version 1.3 of FiRe, their professional field recording App for the Apple iPhone and iPod touch. This version incorporates many new features including professional audio effects powered by industry leader iZotope. The most notable of the features is the new Podcast Export option which allows users to publish podcasts directly from the iPhone, making it the first App of its kind.

FiRe was designed to bring serious field recording to audio professionals and version 1.3 furthers this direction by being the first iPhone application to incorporate professional audio signal processing powered by iZotope. “With a reputation for the best digital signal processing available, iZotope has become the leading provider of DSP for professional audio applications,” says Matthew Foust of Audiofile Engineering. “Incorporating this technology adds even more value to FiRe 1.3.”

FiRe 1.3 is the first application with the ability to publish a finished Podcast directly from the iPhone or iPod touch. Several features make FiRe an excellent Podcast recorder such as the ability to tag recordings with location data and the ability to insert and name markers. When creating a Podcast with FiRe, markers are converted to chapters for easy navigation.

“Bringing professional audio processing to all platforms is part of iZotope’s main strategy,” explained Mark Ethier, CEO of iZotope, Inc. “We’re proud to have Audiofile Engineering as a lead customer on the iPhone with their professional-grade FiRe field recording app.”

Musicians writing songs or recording rehearsals, sound engineers and designers recording on location, and even students recording lectures in the classroom will appreciate the new features in FiRe 1.3. These include an improved overdub mode, the ability to change the playback speed while retaining the pitch, the ability to compress files in AAC, Apple Lossless, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis formats, improved search and metadata functionality, a new toolbar for fast access to recordings, an updated SoundCloud API and more.

FiRe is now available on the Apple App Store for $9.99 at

Waves LoAir- For Getting LOW LOW LOW LOW!!


— More than just a subharmonic generator, LoAir creates and enhances LFE channel content with pinpoint precision —

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, November 17, 2009 — The second in the new line of dedicated Waves Post Production tools, LoAir is a sub-harmonic generating plug-in which creates and enhances LFE content or “rumble.” This tool is perfect for sound designers who want to add dramatic effect to existing audio. LoAir consists of four separate components: Mono-to-Mono, for creating and enhancing subharmonic frequencies on existing LFE tracks; Stereo-to-Stereo, for generating LFE content from Stereo signals (Outputs LFE or Stereo + LFE); 5.0-to-5.1, for generating LFE content from a 5.0 signal; and 5.1-to-5.1, for increasing subharmonic frequencies on existing LFE tracks.

Sound designers and post-production mixers alike will greatly benefit from LoAir. Waves is making this tool available following many requests from users in the Post Production field. Notable for being the first subharmonic plug-in of its kind for Pro Tools, LoAir is more than just a subharmonic generator, as it features adjustable frequency and low-pass filter controls to shape users’ ultra low-end. Plus, it’s the only subharmonic plug-in available which lets users process polyphonic content, as well as create an LFE track from stereo or 5.0 sources.


- Add weight, drama and depth.

- Enhance existing subharmonics.

- Processes polyphonic source material.

- Full session recall, full automation.

- Mono, Stereo, 5.0-to-5.1, and 5.1-to-5.1 components.

- Up to 24-bit, 192kHz resolution.

- Supports TDM, RTAS, Audio Suite, VST, AU.

- PC and Mac® compatible


- Frequency controls the cutoff frequency of the low pass filter.

- LoAir controls the volume level of the generated pitch.

- Direct controls the level of the direct unprocessed signal.

- Output Meter displays the LFE output levels.

- Direct Signal Filter determines if the direct signal is filtered or not.

- Align delays the direct signal to synchronize it with the generated pitch.

- Output controls the overall output level. (Mono & Stereo components only)

- LFE Output controls the level of the LFE Output. (5.0 & 5.1 components only)

- Feed Section (5.0 & 5.1 Components only)

- L/R controls the amount of Left & Right channel content fed to the pitch engine.

- C controls the amount of Center channel content fed to the pitch engine.

- Ls/Rs controls the amount of Left Surround & Right Surround channel content fed to

the pitch engine.

- LFE (5.1 only) controls the amount of LFE channel content fed to the pitch engine.

Waves LoAir has an MSRP of $100.00 Native/$200.00 TDM. Waves Mercury V7 and 360° Surround Tools V7 owners covered by Waves Update Plan receive LoAir at no additional charge. Waves LoAir is now available from authorized Waves dealers and online. For more information, please visit

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Intergalactic Space Traveling Soundsystems"

So I had to squeeze out one more post for the day. These tracks have been out there for a bit but I thought they'de be nice to share for anyone who has not yet come across them or, even harder to believe, never heard of Udachi. This man has been killin dance floors and wrecking studios with his BIG BASS sounds. He's got play on Mixes already posted on the site by Midas and Myself(K-Swiss). Hailing out of Staten Island, NY this man is one to look for.Check out his tunes and check out his live sets. Of course, as always, show support and visit for his latest tracks!
AC Slater - Party Like Us (Udachi rmx) by udachi Jason Tyler - RunAround (UdachiRmx) bmaster by udachi
Also a dj set by our man Udachi
Udachi - mix for under140 by udachi
01 Udachi - JellyRoll
02 SL2 - On a Ragga Tip (Breakdown remix)
03 Rico Tubbs - Work This
04 AC Slater - Grab You
05 Drop the Lime - Good Inside
06 Burial - Archangel - (Boy 8 bit remix)
07 Lo-Fi-Fnk - Change Channel (Jitset remix)
08 Nick Supply - Hizniz (Stupid Fresh remix)
09 Donald Glaude, DJ Dan - Stick 'Em (TJR remix)
10 Herve & Toddla T - How Y'all Like Me Now
11 AC Slater - Jack Got Jacked (Udachi remix)
12 Herve - Cheap Thrills
13 B Rich – Can’t Take What I Got
14 Rico Tubbs - Ghetto Funk Baby
15 Crookers - Sveglia
16 Body Snatchers ft Yolanda - We Here (Big Pimpin')
17 RQM - Miss Pacman (Oliver $ Remix)
18 Chocolate Party - Wickid (Mark Mendez remix)
19 Estaw - Weird All
20 Midfield General - Disco Sirens
21 Boltan - Creepy
22 NAPT - Gotta Have More Cowbell
23 Hot Chip - Ready For the Floor (Soulwax Dub)
24 Fake Blood - Fake Blood Theme
25 M83 - Graveyard Girl (Yuksek remix)

Support from Hostage!

This is the first post added by me. Kylo "Rowdy Rowdy Pointer" has been nice enough to grace me with the privilege to post on The Undercarriage Marauder. I'll do my best to keep things in format and for the first adventure in the low end theory I got a little tune by Scotland's own Hostage! A rager of 4x4 infused DubStep and of course a BANGER of a Bassline! Many thanks go out to Alan for the support of this fledgeling blog. Valhalla by HOSTAGE

Monday, January 4, 2010

Logic 9 Shortcuts Brought to You by AudioTuts+

Good Morning!!!

If you haven't already make sure to pop over and check out Audiotuts+ they have all kinds of good tutorials for almost every DAW..They include both step by step written tutorials as well as video tuts usually with a sample file included. As I am a devout LOGIC user I found their site for the Logic content but they have lots of tutoriols on Pro-tools ,Reason and Ableton and most likely all of today's top DAW's on their site..

Here is a sweet little compilation of the shortcut commands for logic 9. Yes I realize these can be found in the manual but I figured this as good as any time to put ya'll on to their site!

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts
You can see all of Logic’s keyboard shortcuts in the Keyboard Manager. I’m listing them here because there are so many, you many have trouble figuring out which ones to memorize. The follow shortcuts are the ones that will really make working with your projects much quicker. Secondly, you can print this reference out and look at it as you use Logic — as far as I’m aware there’s no keyboard shortcut cheat sheet that comes with Logic.

We won’t cover the standard File menu shortcuts that you should know from using computers in general, though I will reiterate that Cmd+S is the shortcut to save your project and you should make it a goal to get this shortcut to become a subconscious habit so you’re saving your work all the time and don’t need to think about doing it.

Record Enable Track: Ctrl+R
Record: R
Toggle Mute Track: Ctrl+M
Toggle Solo Track: Ctrl+S
Play/Stop: Space
Rewind: ,
Fast Rewind: Shift+,
Forward: .
Fast Forward: Shift+.
Create Marker: Ctrl+K
Rename: Cmd+Return
Toggle Cycle Mode: C
Open Mixer: Cmd+2
Open Arrange: Cmd+1
Close Window: Cmd+W
Toggle Bin: B
Bounce: Cmd+B
Zoom Window: Shift+Cmd+M
Import Audio: Shift+Cmd+I
Learn New: Cmd+L (for learning hardware controller signals)
Toggle Zoom: Z
Quantize Selected Events: Q
Select Previous Region: Left Arrow
Select Next Region: Right Arrow
Select Previous Track: Up Arrow
Select Next Track: Down Arrow
New Track: Option+Cmd+N
New Track with Duplicate Settings: Cmd+D
Hide/Show Track Automation: A
This is by no means a comprehensive listing of shortcuts. It’s not meant to be — these are the ones that are actually useful in a day-to-day project setting, with none of the more obscure and less useful shortcuts in the way

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Once a week let these funny mofo's give you the business!!! Its a call in radio show so get your phones ready 917-889-9782 6-7 pm on Sundays!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Throwed Tuesday, January 5, 2010











VISUALS by: JELLZ {Visualcoholic}

Hosted By:

Jellz + The Zogalis Twins (Chrissy + Lisa) + Red Blue

$10 | 9:00pm - 12:30am



@ The Middle East Upstairs
480 Massachusetts Ave.
Central Square
Red Line Train to the "Central Square" Stop

9:00 - 10:00 = Bands
10:00 - 12:30am = DJ's

Together Boston Mix Contest!!!

Together Trailer December 31st, 2009 from TOGETHER BOSTON on Vimeo.

Any of you looking to make a name for yourselves in the Boston EDM scene take a peek @ this contest for the 1st ever Together New England Electronic Music Festival!!
Together DJ Mix Competition

Together: The New England Electronic Music Festival, set for February 8th through 14th in Boston, MA, is proud to present the first annual Together DJ and Producer Competition.

We’re looking to all corners to find the superstar DJ within our midst. Are you a bedroom DJ who is ready to break out and start playing to your peers? Are you making amazing music and want it to be heard? Do you have an irregular gig and feel like you could be reaching more people?

The Together Festival is encouraging you to send in your mix or track for a chance to win a chance to open up for one of the Together events and be on the Together promotional compilation that will accompany the festival attendees.

Guidelines for entry:
DJs who already have regular (monthly or weekly) residency cannot qualify.
Producers who are already signed to a label also do not qualify.

All mixes should be between 30- 70 minutes
Uploaded mixes should be in MP3 format with a bitrate between 128 and 320kbps

Please keep your tracks under 10 minutes
Please do not submit remixes. We are looking for original tracks

Producers, please submit your tracks by January 14th to be eligible for consideration.

DJs, please submit your mixes by January 22nd to be eligible for consideration.

Work can be submitted to the Soundcloud dropbox to the right.

Entries can also be mailed to:
Together Mix Competition
242 E Berkeley St 2nd Floor
Boston, MA 02118

Submissions should be postmarked no later than January 20th

The winner of the DJ mix competition will be eligible to play a slot at one of the Together Showcase events. In addition, your mix will be hosted on the Together website and promoted by Boston’s Weekly Dig

The winner of the track competition will be placed on the Together promo CD and announced on the Together website.

Other prizes are being gathered right now, including software, hardware and more. More announcements to come, but for now it’s time to start producing and get to mixing!