Thursday, February 25, 2010

Marauders will ShAkE the building w/Donald Glaude

Your very own Marauders of ManchVegas, Frydae and K-Swiss, will be rockin Funky Friday at Therapy in Providence, RI. This will be one hell of a night. If you don't know what we're about, let me fill you in. Starting with Frydae, this cat is EVERYTHING BASS! Rockin genre melding sets that range from Bmore,Fidget, DubStep, Miami Bass, Dancehall, to Jungle! The kid knows no limits.Gettin heady with some dank just might be in that equation as well. So to prepare for the Madness that shall ensue take a listen to the 1st of the infmous "Fear and Loathing in ManchVegas" mixtape series by Frydae

Fear And Loathing In ManchVegas Volume 1 (Dj Frydae) by frydae

Next up is K-Swiss, keeping true to the Marauder mentality, this kid drops low end fa'days. Keepin things fresh as possible with an ever changing arsenal of dance floor bangers. As Kylo put it best in a past blog. "Kids got cuts,a hard drive full of bangers, and will drink you under the table." So do something nice for you ears today and listen to the 3rd Intallment of the "Fear and Loathing in ManchVegas" mixtape series.
Fear and Loathing in ManchVegas Vol. 3 (K-Swiss) by K-Swiss603

Oh and info on the Event Might be nice...

Start Time: Friday, May 7, 2010 at 10:00pm
End Time: Saturday, May 8, 2010 at 6:00am
Location: .:therapy
Street: 7 Dike St
City/Town: Providence, RI

Event page can be viewed here...

The Funk Out gets Smoked Out

Hailing out of Liverpool, England Tommy THE FUNK OUT McFadden is making big waves. This 21yr old Dj/Producer has been releasing originals on Filthy Bitch, Big Fish, and Flexual Records to name a few. Also Doing Remixes for the likes of Frederick Mooij, Young Nutz, FuckJack, and Jon-E Industry.
You've gotta wonder where this kid gets all that flava. I like to think it's got something to do with the fact we share the same birthday(well a few years apart) Definately one of the better low end theorists in the fidget/electro game. Takin a stroll at #11 on the charts with his remix of Paul Whitehead's "Breakdown". You know he's got some skillz! Can't thank him enough for the hook up. Always a pleasure to hear from and always pesonable whenever we make contact. I know I'm not the only one who feels this way as this iss what others have had to say about him.

"The Funk Out is a big Boomb, With his basses and the fuckin voices and drums....His tunes Says BOOOOOOOOM N more BOOOOM, We play Any tunes of tommy "The funk out" and the response has been MASSSSIIVEEEEE, FULL SUPPORT FOR ALL YOUR TUNES FROM THE WAR WOBBLINS!!!"
-War Wobblins

"The Funk Out has brought a brand new fresh flavour to the fidget /electro
scene with his unique drivin electro infused tracks that make any dancefloor go
crazy" -Royal K

Now onto the music...We've got a few Remixes, One can be found here.

Technohead - I Wanna Be A Hippy (The Funk Out`s Dry Cut Remix).mp3

And the rest can be found in a Four pack consisting of Remixes of Feel Good Inc, Get Get Down, What You Do and Push The Feeling On.

..::TFO Bootleg Pack::..

If you like what you're hearing in these be sure to stop by and show your respect to The Funk Out and ya best get ya ass over to and wrangle up all his Originals and Remixes alike!

Billllleeeee we were on our way to a thoussand!!

Awwwwww shit 1000 hits and counting!!! Thanks for the support. In thanks we'll be digging up something special for ya....keep it locked!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Manchester NH..a great place to play house!

Holy shit...Lots of fun the other Sat night in Manch...Big ups to Chris Lacon for the pics. Ill put up his website linker when I get home tonight! All Kinds of bass and bums shakin right @ another one of my summer haunts. Everybody's set was tight with special nods to Sp1 and Midas. Unfortunately I missed Doug's set..Next time for sure bud. I'll let Chris and Ashley's pics do the talkin for me cuz pirate's code says don't recollect shit!!

Found this a perrrrrfect place to post this seeing as most of this night was spent molesting that horse..

Tippy (cock chop) -Don Juan Frydanez by frydae

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I can see I'm going BLND!!!!!!

Found this man one night trolling soundcloud and I'm sad to say never even got a listen till months later. Sadly his was one of those tracks banished to the bottom of a foldr probably a few hundred tunes deep that I dl'd that night. Any of the Serato using blog pillaging vagrants out there like myself knows this all too well..You sit down with a few of your favorite livations and get your interwebbing on and soon you have more tunes then you actually know what to do with.....With all this music accesible we must remember to make sure and go back to said folders young shwashbucklers cuz in these we find our diamond in the rough....Proper BOOTY EVEN!!

So here's a couple right now from the one like BLND!
this dude puts out more quality tunes in more sub genres of dance music then you can name! I asked and willingly had my inbox rammed with bangas so I felt it only right to spread the love....I know Ive said this a lot lately but some of his work will def be seeing its way into my sets for wmc this year so be on the lookout!!

Media fire is being lame so were going soundcloud on your ass!!

remixes by blnd

remixes by blnd

The one the got me hooked

Special Forces - Sidewinder (blnd! 4x4 Mix) by blnd

I'll delve out a few more in a couple o days to keep ya comin back and when mediafire isnt lame!!!

Tweet Blnd!
Sound Cloud his azz too!

Friday, February 19, 2010

HU$TLE HARDER- Whiskey Pete Reid Speed Mix by reidspeed

Bass, Breaks, Booze and Belligerence are all things the Marauder team supports fully and all things repped to the fullest by these two...If you dont know Reid you probably stumbled onto this blog thinking it was porn so your excused, anyone else lives in a cave...The infamous Whiskey man just might be a new name to some of ya but I assure you you'll never forget once you let this mix defile your ear twats (I cunt here you!!) Big Bass & lyrical debauchery what more ya need?????

HU$TLE HARDER- Whiskey Pete + Reid Speed Mix by reidspeed

Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Bassy Business from City n Mixxy And Friends

If you dont know now you know!!!!! Hailing from Toronto, Canada, they hold several residencies around the city, and take part in countless festivals,underground parties & raves. They have played the biggest venues the city has(Comfort zone,Circa,Bassment,338,Home & rowdy house Harmony lounge) so you know these two definitely know how to WORK IT. Currently puttin' in work for Flexual records, Don't Look Productions, Christian Records,Crazy Rabbit Recordings, Omerta Records & representin DJ sessions entertainment & White rabbit & Bassteaser's crew. You can also find City & Mixxxy in the live electro/rock group "The Loot" & City team's up with local badboy Che DuBois which creates 3rd D'Gree. Learn it now, your new favorite Artist's............... DJ City & Miss Mixxxy holdin' can be reached @ :)

Check out their upcoming release "DIRTY F@#$IN' FIDGET EP" in snippet form then get some chapstick because you bass hungry mofos will be licking your chops for this ones release date (which I am unaware of btw)

Now that you've read about did read it correct? No wading in these square waves matey!!! Here's a couple of bass bangers to get your poop deck a wobblin ya land lubber!!!

Step to this-DJ City

Wobble like a champion-DJ City feat. Buju Banton(Promo use only)

Can't touch this '09-DJ City & Che DuBois pres. 3rd D'gree

And the giving (or forcing) doesnt stop there...Peep they mixtape efforts as well..

Battle set for Phresh(Round 1)

Make sure you show these folks the respect due and get your purchase on....

Friday, February 12, 2010

WE THE PEOPLE..Presented By Red Bull


Sorry for the poor quality pics...snapped them with my blackberry. Unfortunately Estate wasn't as packed as you would think due to the "snowmagedon" that never was but the people that were there were certainly up for it. Klever's set was exactly what I expected, mad tricks + bass + FUN!!! Congorock's set was as exciting as I hoped it would be but farkit I had a good time on a WED!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Nike Blazer High “Spike Lee”

Nike Blazer High “Spike Lee” Available in November

Brooklyn stand up! Spike Lee is being honored by Nike once again with a Nike Blazer designed in his honor and I just copped a pair HEKKA cheap!!! The shoes come together at the tongue which feature an image of Spike Lee’s iconic glasses on the front and the name of his hometown – Brooklyn – on the back of the tongue tag. The white, red, black, and green colorway is inspired by the film maker’s ground breaking movie Do The Right Thing, and the 40 Acres and a Mule productions logo. Look for these to drop sometime this month.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Champion Beats Mini Mix By Incredible Melting Man

These cats are grinding sooooooooooo hard right now! Seems like weekly I get some new freshness from Anthony and crew! Here's a lil mini mix to promote their new compilation and its full of wobbly bassy goodness!!! Make sure to cop the release on Beatport while your listening!!!

Mini Mix
1.Morne Monroe-I Am-Kelevra Remix
2.The Incredible Melting Man-Bionic Bigfoot-Defunct! remix
3.Wonk-Krunchie-Original mix
4.Matt Cox-I Believe-Original mix
5.Royal K-Floor Burner-Mini K remix
6.The Incredible Melting Man-Gangster Filth-Dylan Holshausen remix
7.Mario K-Easy-Original mix
8.The Incredible Melting Man-Crazy Brains-Jaksaw remix
9.Dylan Holshausen-Jump The Gun-Jon-E Industry remix
10.Scott Harris-This Sick-Original mix
11.Electric Soulside feat Syncro 69-Porno Star-Electric Soulside remix
12.Kerrie Nation-That Voodoo u Do-Jay Robinson remix
13.Jason Score-Hello Everybody-Wongo remix

Monday, February 8, 2010

B.Rich is KILLIN' IT

B. Rich is about to hit the UK and Europe for his first overseas tour. To kick it off he is giving out this free EP as well as a brand new DJ mix. With "We Ball Harder" B. Rich showcases the heavier side of his production. The EP is rounded off with 3 extreme remixes by DZ, J. Rabbit and HavocNdeeD, resulting in a seriously heavy and diverse collection. This release is a must have for fans of dubstep, drum and bass, or heavy bass.
If you are in Europe, be sure to check out B. Rich's February tour dates at


01. D1 - Pitcher (128 BPM Mix)
02. Zombie Nation - Seas Of Grease (Harvard Bass Remix)
03. L-Vis 1990 - United Groove (TRG Remix)
04. Rusko - Woo Boost (Douster Remix)
05. Drop The Lime - Doomsday Device
06. The Cheerz - R U Ready (Dan Aux's Way Crazies Remix)
07. Udachi - P-Funk Skank (B. Rich Remix)
08. Roisin Murphy - Momma's Place (Heavyfeet Remix)
09. A1 Bassline - Here Come Da
10. KillaQueenz - Double Up ft. Lady Chann (Two Fresh Remix)
11. Dre Skull & Juiceboxxx - Hype (Udachi Remix)
12. Hot Mess - Dip!
13. AC Slater - Take You ft. Ninjasonik
14. Jinder - Youth Blood (Squires of Gothos Remix)
15. Kingdom - You
16. Redlight - Feel So Good ft Zaniah, Dread & Redskin
17. Baobinga & ID - Tongue Riddim
18. Kingdom - Mind Reader ft. Shyvonne (L-Vis 1990 Remix)
19. Basement Jaxx - Scars ft. Kelis, Meleka & Chipmunk (Sbtrkt Remix)
20. Flux Pavillion - Voscilate
21. Doctor P - Sweet Shop
22. 501 - Solitaire
23. Dub Crooks - Tron
24. Breakage & Newham Generals - Hard (Caspa & The Others Remix)
25. Numbernin6 - Nebulous
26. GhostTown ft Badness & Dajla - You Know
27. Yeah! Woho! - I Wanna Love U
28. Havocndeed - Vindicta ft. Theresa Joy
29. DJ Flave - 7 Days A Week (B. Rich Remix)
30. Kitch n'Sync vs Wonk - Pumpin My Shit (B. Rich Remix)
31. Havocndeed - Headspin

And as promised, the FREE EP!

01. We Ball Harder (Original Mix)
02. We Ball Harder (DZ's Spy Harder Remix)
03. We Ball Harder (HavocNdeeD Remix)
04. We Ball Harder (J. Rabbit Remix)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The girls from Ladybox get a Facelift

Ladybox is a female DJ/MC duo out of Copenhagen consisting of Lei Foo and Rita Blue. Their music spans from upbeat booty shakers with live vocals, hard pumping tech and electro to downbeat sensual basslines.

Here these girls have teamed up with American Heavyweights B.Rich and AC Slater. Let's just say the sound is HHUUUGGEEE!! It's almost heartbreaking to me to let these fly. I am constantly feeling like I shouldn't be blogging the tracks I do. I would love to just keep'em for myself... but here they are in all their glory!

Ladybox - Hit My Ride(B.Rich Remix)

Ladybox - Cookies Fly

Produced by B.Rich and AC Slater
party like us Pictures, Images and Photos
These tracks and other remixes released on the NY based label Party Like Us!
Now take my advice and get over to beatport and cop all the fresh releases off their label!

The Space Gets Lively: Boston 01/30/10

Had SOOOOOOOOO much fun the other night @ The Space Boston the other night I felt compelled to badger my friends to compile me some pics of the goings on...Place is soooooo fun! Biggest of ups to the Space Collective for having the dopest private spot there is in the Bean!!