Wednesday, March 17, 2010

All Of Bean is with these today!!

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With all the St. Patty’s day themed shoes coming out you’d think they were gonna make drinking into a sport. We just saw the Saucony Jaz and now we follow that up with Supra’s contribution to the jam.

This pair of Vaider’s are all tricked out in a slick green upper with great vibrant orange accents. The glossy green upper has great orange piping, laces and detailing and if they weren’t festive enough for you then check the orange embroidered clover that laces the heel. Rumor has it that there will be a limited edition Starter x Supra snapback cap with the first 144 pairs. Via Factory413

Pre WMC gifts from heaven like BLOCK GROUPER in Miami

So one of the good things about having your own blog is you can post your own shit and finally have tracks up on the "the blogs"!!! In a nod to that classic jump up boot everyone used as an intro round 96-97' here's a tune I just finished..
TWas the brainchild of my homie Julian B who started on this shit a minute ago, got bored with it, was hounded by me for stems, handed over said stems and from it comes this fuckin monstrosity. BASS FOR DAYS!!! Not sure if its quite done so make sure to hit me up with any suggestions before WMC....Plan on opening with this one @ Ultra and needs to go BOOOOOOOOOOOM to full capacity.

Also just added my new tune with with Drift MC. Its a rerub of Rip Groove 99' that he absolutely destroys....Feedback once again appreciated!

Once I've got a chance to play it out Ill pass it along to ya'll if your digging it...

RippinGroove 2009 FT Drift MC-Master by frydae

Finally avail for DL "Tippy"
Tippy(CockShot) Master by frydae

SuperIntro- Master by frydae

Rippin Grooves 2009 Ft Drift MC

RippinGroove 2009 FT Drift MC-Master by frydae

Friday, March 12, 2010

Danny Sounds/ Mr EYEZ smoke more then you!!

Champion Beats is proud to present:

Danny & Eyez have climbed to the forefront of the electro/fidget scene with countless chart toppers. This is our second release on Champion with these guys and we're absolutely ecstatic to have them back on board! Their last single with us, Booty Bounce was a top 100 Beatport hit! Blaze The Ounce is poised to blow that out of the water!

Check out some samples here:
The Incredible Melting Man
Dj Denise
Frederik Mooij

here's some of the DJ quotes supporting this release:

FLATLAND FUNK - This should be called Blaze the Dynamite Stick because this EP is about to EXPLODE!!! BIG EP!!!

JAY WHATLEY-Klub Kids Records
Champion beats coming out swing in in 2010!! Blaze The Ounce will defiantly get a big spin from me! Hard to pick a favourite they all kick ass. The original, Melting man and DjDenise mixes got me getting jiggy with it but Skinny and Mooij mixes will def getasses out of the seats. Danny Soundz is definatly coming in to his own and be one to watch in the future.... Champion beats.... not just a clever name!!

"We're definitely supporting the original mix. Danny's got the basslines down!"

Mark Stent, flexual
“LOVING the Frederik Mooij and Skinny mixes…solid-ass EP!!!”

War Wobblins Say: "The incredible melting man & frederik mooij remixeswere made to break de dancefloors,SICK EP MATES"

"YeeeeeeAAAAAAH dope ep !
Original Mix for me, this track will kick ass in all my dj sets"

"Cheers again for another slammin EP. Ahead by a margin;Mr Mooijdoes the remix for me. Twisted, dirty, funky.... lovin' it!!!"

"Loving it .. proper gona smash that ep out and ruin some dancefloors"

Jenni Philbin-Dollhouse
"The cheeky, squeaky Mooj mix is my favourite! It's crazy filter has got my ears turning inside out with joy, heheh! Will road test tomorrow, best get burning =) Thanks again lovely Champion Beats"

"MASSIVE release, top remixes right here, the one doing it for me is Danny Soundz - Blaze The Ounce feat. Mr. Eyez (Frederik Mooij Remix), what a purely fithy piece of naughtiness, destined for

So go cop them shits NOW @ Beatport

Monsters of Bass!!!

... In the wake of a new decade comes the panic of sonic doom – have no fear – Monster Squad is here! Clobbering with slime from the streets of New York and climbing stealthily through the smog of LA, this bicoastal supergroup is building an arsenal of unstoppable sound!

Reimagined by DJ/Producer Code-D of The American Dream Team (TADT) alongside 3 MCs and lyrical slayers Whiskey Pete, Andre Parnell and Jae Stylus, Monster Squad is heavy collaboration of serious exoskeletal tech-tonic attitude. Genre bending of Raverap, Hip-hop, Electro, Mutant-house and a whole lota Bass, their sonic superpowers will punch pound for pound, ears, body and dome.

Can you keep up? This music movement “Monster Squad” is calling all earthlings, robots and zombies to test their seismic rhythms – watch out for head banging tracks like “Make Me Lose it” and “As The World Turns” while the squads power wreaks havoc on the Underground unleashing high voltage madness to your stereo.

If you don't know now you know....Monster Squad is in the BUILDING and they came to funk up your night!!! I've known Cody for about 6 or 7 years now and he never stops amazing me every time he drops music in my box...You might remember a little tune called "Make Me Lose It" which I still drop in EVERY SET, well thats these mofo's so you know your about to DL straight crills in bit form!!

So without further's some big bass business from the SQUAD!

Crookers & Black Noise vs. Monster Squad - Monster Business Bootleg

Monster Squad - I Get High (Club

Monster Squad - Make Me Lose It

Monster Squad Links

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Noise Porn Remix Contest!!!!!

Huge remix contest from the peeps over @ Noise Porn
As some of you might know, Noiseporn Records, the official record label brand of will be launching in April 2010! If you didn’t know, well, now you know :). The label will be built around the many talented artists that deliver music for us to feature on this blog. There are already 8 planned releases for the label this year that will showcase some incredible new and established talent! Each release will be announced via and various other sites.

To commemorate this launch in Q2′2010, Noiseporn Records would like to give ANYONE and EVERYONE a shot at being apart of one of its upcoming releases and furthermore, get their name spread right on our website! How do we accomplish this? How about a Remix Contest eh? Noiseporn Records will be launching an original track from Mark Lam featuring MC FreeFlow! On the remix tip, you will see Viro & Rob Analyze gracing the release with an original Electro/Jacked Remix to further compliment the already great original track. As far as who else is on the release, well this is where you come in! This remix contest will enable anyone and everyone to download the remix parts, and preview the original track and be apart of the release.

To be apart of this:
1. Download the original track: Mark Lam feat MC Freeflow-Jungle MCs (Mp3)
2. Download the parts:
3. Remix the original track in however style you want!
4. Submit to and we will let you know if you are chosen for the release!
5. Only use,, or when sending us your completed remix.

Deadline for Remix Submission: May 1, 2010
Style of Remix: ANY style is acceptable, just have fun with it
Winners: There will be 5 winners picked for the release.
Runner Ups: All remix runner ups will be posted up on for FREE download
Release Date of Release: June 2010

About Artists & Song:
Irish producer Mark Lam has teamed up with UK’s very own MC Freeflow to bring you and electro tech banger known as “Jungle MC’s”. Mark Lam has been hitting the Irish club scene hard over the last 4 years with his wide variety of bootlegs which are available all over the internet and is known for messing around with more or less what he thinks just “sounds good”. After working with MC Freeflow who’s unique style of rapping has landed him collabs with top artists such as young nutz, dirty basement and has upcoming tracks with defunct! , Nikjam & the meena and many more this track is worth checking out.

How will we determine winners?
All of the writers, producers of the original track, and Symphonic Distribution staff will vote on the remixes we believe are the best for the label. Keep in mind that if you do not win, it is nothing that is bad at all! Your remixes will get the attention of 60,000 unique visitors of this website because all will be posted for free download. Since we receive many requests for posts, we feel this will be a great way to give everyone that is a runner up a VICTORY!

When and Where will this release be out?
This release will be available worldwide on retailers such as iTunes, eMusic, Rhapsody, JunoDownload, Beatport, and hundreds more! The release date is tentatively set for June 2010 with a more exact date to arrive in the future. This is a great opportunity for an artist that might not be affiliated with a label and/or have a release on a label that will be pushing them very hard!

Who is involved in this contest?
Aside of Noiseporn Records, Mark Lam and MC Freeflow deserve a big thank you from our community for being apart of this to massively promote the record label brand that has its launch in Q2′10. In addition, the release will be heavily promoted and digitally distributed by the parent company of, Symphonic Distribution. Symphonic Distribution is a digital content distributor and services provider aimed at providing the best in content delivery, customer service, marketing, education, and more for music industry artists, managers, and record labels across the globe. In addition to our services, Symphonic Distribution also has several distinct brands for the intention of expanding the reach of a client. We have a proven track record and currently provide services to hundreds of clients based in countries such as Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Australia, Sweeden, Bosnia & Herzegovina, India, Japan, USA, Canada, Portugal, and countless other countries and cultures around the globe. Symphonic Distribution is ran by experienced music producers, label owners, and artists thriving in providing the highest level of service. For more info, visit

Will there be more contests?
Yes, we will do this again! We can’t say when but would like to eventually do one of these every quarter. Our goal is to feature new and/or established talent and we will continue this promise with the record label brand by getting everyone involved.

About Noiseporn Records and its releases
Noiseporn Records is the official record label brand of (Online Blogozine!). The label features cutting edge Electro, Dubstep, House, and any other genre that works for our listeners. Artists will include Viro & Rob Analyze, YikEz, Mark Lam, Double Oh No, and many more new and established artists that will be sure to catch your attention!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

PEQ-2 Spring Promo, get yourself some BASS

PEQ-2 is a dj/production duo consisting of Marc Louis and The Marauders' very own K-Swiss. Bringin some of the HEAVIEST basslines and March style snare lines. This is their first promo, and def not the last you will hear of them. Being diligent in the studio, they're pumping out remixes, mash-ups, and originals to fill their sets with a sound they like to call their own and the reactions of party goers prove they can rock a crowd. So take a listen and show'em some love.

PEQ-2 Spring Promo by PEQ-2

Subeena - Circular remix by The Bulgarian

New choon from The Bulgarian. Well it's not new.. been out there for a couple months but it's worth posting. So let's give a brief background to this guy.

The Bulgarian started his road to success about 10 years ago in Cape Town, South Africa. He immersed himself into a wide variety of electronic genre's, and opened his own music studio in 2003. It was then that the aspiring producer decided to focus primarily on productions, and thus was born 'The Bulgarian'.

Subeena - Circular (The Bulgarian's Rectangular Remix) 320 downloadable by TheBulgarian

Monday, March 8, 2010

10 Tips to staying alive @ wmc

Got this from Crossfader blog from last year and figured I'd repost it. Some good tips that I wont personally follow but certainly good advice for the less adventurous of you out there.....

1. Accept the fact that you won't be able to attend every event. Smart way to plan is to list the acts you really want to see and check what events they will be performing at. You might not be able to catch an act on Wednesday, but they might be performing somewhere else on Friday. Also, keep in mind some parties and events have exclusive performances by DJs and bands, so if you really want to see that exclusive appearance put it as a high priority.

2. Sleep is good, so plan on getting plenty of it. You'll always hear people claiming to have stayed up five days straight during Conference. Those people are either lying or exaggerating. Unless your name is Amy Winehouse and you have a crystal meth addiction, your body is still going to need to rest.

3. Save the booze for the weekend. Alcohol will bring you down quickly if you don't watch yourself. Don't plan on drinking six-days in a row. Trust me, your body won't forgive you. Instead, keep a slow and steady pace the first few days and leave the really hard partying for the Friday-to-Sunday stretch.

4. Drugs are still illegal during Conference. Will the vice squad be out in full force this week? You betcha! And last I heard, there isn't going to a bitchin' Conference party at county jail. I'm not going to PSA the hell out of you, but use your head and exercise caution.

5. Twenty-four-hour partying means you should probably dress comfortably. I read in another guide that WMC is dress-to-impress. That's bullshit! Clubs actually tend to relax their dress code during Conference. As long as you have money for the cover charge, you are probably going to get in.

6. Just because you bought a pre-sale ticket doesn't mean you're getting in. Clubs tend to oversell tickets because most people tend to club-hop anyway so the chances of 5,000 people showing up all at the same time are slim. Still, many clubs will be at capacity and by law cannot allow people to exceed that unless they want to get shut down. So if you bought a ticket to an event you really want to go to, plan on arriving early to guarantee admission.

7. Bathroom lines will be long, especially for men. The ratio of men to women during Conference is always 324 to one (yes, I've counted) so bathroom wait times will be long. Also, not everyone is disposing of bodily waste while in the bathroom (you might notice loud sniffing, but don't worry, they are okay), so that also increases the wait.

8. Locals still have God-given priveleges. If you are waiting in line, you are probably going to notice a whole lot of people skipping the line with or without a ticket. Those people are either other DJs or locals. Locals tend to know people who own and work the clubs you are trying to get in, so no whining even if you've been waiting for over an hour.

9. Glowsticks are an outdated relic of the '90s. Drugs make you do a lot of stupid things, like taking a rescue device and turning it into the most annoying thing on the dancefloor. I can't guarantee you won't get punch in the face if you pull them out.

10. Unless you know the area, take a taxi when traveling in Downtown and Wynwood. Many of the mainland clubs are located in areas that no person living in Miami would actually want to reside in. In fact, you could be walking on a pretty average street one minute and then end up in a place that looks more like Afghanistan in another.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Punk Rolla and Marvin= Watch out ladies!!!

Been meaning to get some Punk Rolla @ ya'll for a bit and ya know I be slackin sometimes but today is that day....Funk ass housey number here that shall def get played by myself and I'm sure Swiss if he's not already...Make sure to keep an ear out for this motha trucker as he gets tunes out to the interwebs like weekly and with that much product in the street you bound to get money!!!


And because this post was looking a bit skinny.....


01 Music Is The Answer Acapella tool [INTRO]
02 Micky Slim feat. Matt White - Blouse & Skirt [Original Mix]
03 LMFAO - Lil Hipster Girl [Original Mix]
04 Tomcraft and Tim Healey ft. DJ Assault - Real Smooth [Krafty Kuts Remix]
05 Solid Groove - This is Sick [BeatauCue Remix]
06 Tocadisco feat. Nadia Ali - Better Run [Afrojack Remix]
07 Armand Van Helden And Steve Aoki - Brrrap! [Will Bailey Remix]
08 Reset - If We Try [Original Mix]
09 Empire Of The Sun - Walking On A Dream [Punk Rolla Mix] Krafty Kuts Re-rub
10 Kidda - Everything Bad Is Good For You [TLGB Remix]
11 Zombies For Money - Numbra One [Foamo Bass Remix]
12 Sound Of Stereo - Hyper JFK Oley Oley [Original Mix]
13 Will Bailey & Punk Rolla - The Dub Part 1 [Original Mix]
14 Plaza De Funk - Push n Pull [Gigi Barocco Remix]
15 South Rakkas Crew - Robots Revenge [Mustard Pimp Remix]
16 Punk Rolla Vs Marvin Gaye - Grapevine [CD-R]
17 Shinichi Osawa - EEAA [Mustard Pimp Remix]
18 Cold Blank - Dutchie [Punk Rolla DJ Tool Edit]
19 The Subs - Kiss My Trance [Original Mix]

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pre Wmc Presents from Team Latkas!!!!

So one of the good things about having your own blog is you can post your own shit and finally have tracks up on the "the blogs"!!! In a nod to that classic jump up boot everyone used as an intro round 96-97' here's a tune I just finished..
TWas the brainchild of my homie Julian B who started on this shit a minute ago, got bored with it, was hounded by me for stems, handed over said stems and from it comes this fuckin monstrosity. BASS FOR DAYS!!! Not sure if its quite done so make sure to hit me up with any suggestions before WMC....Plan on opening with this one @ Ultra and needs to go BOOOOOOOOOOOM to full capacity.

Also just added my new tune with with Drift MC. Its a rerub of Rip Groove 99' that he absolutely destroys....Feedback once again appreciated!

Once I've got a chance to play it out Ill pass it along to ya'll if your digging it...

Super intro by frydae

RIp Groove 2009 (drift n bev get it in rmx) by frydae