Monday, July 11, 2011

lerNd and lerNd Subharmonics 101

Hey There,

We here at the Marauder have been given the opportunity to promote a night @ the "World Famous" Stone Church, 5 Granite Street Newmarket NH. For those who dont know Stone Church has been around...lets say a hundred years..and has been a live music Mecca for Southern NH and International talent alike for most of them. We will be hosting a monthly Bass Music party as part of our homie's lerNd parties, a weekly education in EDM music and culture! Each night will feature a different genre of EDM as well as underground hip hop from some local heros and some international talent in the weeks to come.
The 1st night was sprung on us kind of quickly but for our opening night we pulled in a longtime NH favorite in DJ Entropy to rinse out some old school jump up and ragga jungle. We also snatched up aphilly8 from portland to bring out some breaks and I might just touch down for some bass fueled madness if time allows.

In preparation for the 21st we come bearing gifts of dre'd out drumstep!!

Dr.Dre - Keep Their Heads Ringin (Figure Drumstep Bootleg) Clip/DL LINK IN INFO by Figure