Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ethix - Breakin' Bad (Nick Catchdubs & Proper Villains Pumper Remix

Jon just sent this my way to share with the world. Its a lil bootie with Nick Catchdubs so you know its fiyah. Get it NOW!!

Breakin' Bad

Bonus Proper Villains Choon:

Drop The Lime - Sex Sax (Proper Villains Club Remix)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gold n fresh!!!!

Our friends to the North (west-ish) Anthony and Kerrie from Champion Beats have a new tech house/minimal label called GoldnTech records. Certainly a departure from what you know from them but this day n age its awesome to see folks using their influence to spread as many different sounds as their hearts desire. Please support!!

Raymond Mather-DS by GoldnTech

Roland Boggio & Twentynine Palms - Kabala - Gold n Tech by GoldnTech

Return of the Red Eye Jedi

Ok.....after a hiatus of the entire summer we're back in this mug!!! Lot's of new stuff on the way I assure you starting with a mix I just did for For those who don't know Nick is the go to for ALL things poppin fresh in Boston. Music, Tech, Photography from our end of the planet and beyond. In the interest of spreading the word I will not be posting the mix on here but will include this tracklisting for a bit of a tease. So get on over there and DL that ish quick like.

Dj Frydae - Fall Back - 60H 2 DA BEAN

1) Beantown intro - Dj Frydae
2) Bumble (Nate Day RMX) - Rx
3) What is Guru - Renaisssance
4) Never Going Home (Eskimo Twins RMX) - Cassette Jam
5) Wild Child (Myd RMX - We Are Enfant Terrible
6) Gunny Gunny (Schlacthofbronx RMX) - Timberlee
7) Addicted - Alan Braxe
8) A Millie (Excision & Datsik RMX) - Lil Wayne
9) Rumblee! - Radiokillaz
10) 24's (Rico Tubbs & B-rich RMX) - T.I.
11) Bootymore - Yeah! Woho!
12) WTF (Deekline & Ed Solo RMX) - Tittsworth
13) Crux'd Da Muel - WoNK
14) This Sound - Down'n'Out
15) Hypnotized Booty - Melting Man
16) Cooler Then Me (Skeet Skeet's AY! Edit) - Mike Posner
17) No Beef- Radiokillaz RMX
18) Ice Cream (Luvstuff RMX) - Breakdown, Whiskey Pete & Stellar MC
19) Squares - Wolfgang Gartner
20) We Are All Kidz (B. Rich RMX) - Kelevra & Jaimie Fanatic Ft. Whiskey Pete
21) Rhythm is a Dancer (Rico Tubbs RMX) - Snap