Friday, December 9, 2011

Been a LONG time

So it's been nearly FOREVER since I posted in here. My deepest apologies for that! On the light side I come to you baring gifts of music in hoes that you won't smite me for my neglectful ways! It's my newest mix "At a Medium Pace" It begins very smooth and almost sultry at 110bpm and gradually swells into a sea of bass and filth at a modest 112bpm
K-Swiss ~ At a Medium Pace by DJK-Swiss

Next up is a tune from a character I've been lucky enough to have known and consider a friend for well over a decade now. Making BIG waves lately in the DubStep scene with being officially signed to Reid Speed's PLAY ME 2 label. Changing up his typical DubStep Insanity to do a FREE Moombah tune! Drop Goblin is definately in position to make quite an impact on music as I've ALWAYS known him to do.
Drop Goblin - Make Yur Head Bounce **Free download in the info** by Drop Goblin

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Yes Pink Socks Come With Their Price!!!

Heir Tyte- Change Positions (Frydae Rmx) Avail late December on ANCIENT ALIENS **CLIP**

Available later this month is my 1st proper release! A wobbly little fidget/electro/complextro (whatever the fuck the kids are calling it these days.) remix of the LEGENDARY LUXEMBOURGIANS...Heir Tyte!! This is their 1st American release and Im saying it right now...In the world of European Giggalo Rappers these dudes got next. Below is a bunch of their work just in case you don't know...PARENTAL ADVISORY you will learn more then you EVER wanted to know about sex from these guys..

The Original:
Change Position by Heir Tyte

Frydae Remix: Heir Tyte- Change Positions (Frydae Rmx) Avail late December on ANCIENT ALIENS **CLIP** by frydae


Welcome (to Luxembourg) Welcome (to Luxembourg) by Heir Tyte

Concubines Concubines by Heir Tyte

Butt Sexx Butt sexx new by manchsterdam

Peter white fluffer by HEIR TYTE by manchsterdam