Sunday, December 27, 2009

Fear and Loathing in Manchvegas Volume 1-3 Avail NOW!!!

Fear and Loathing in Manchvegas...

A new mix series featuring the OFTEN overlooked, NEVER underskilled EDM selecta's of Manchester, NH, USA. For a smaller city of less then 200,000 people Manchester has had a well documented history with dance music going back as far the begining of what we know as the rave scene in the U.S.

In celebration of this history we (the dj's in Manch keeping the torch lit) will be bringing you a new mix every month or so from the best and brightest talent within our lil corner of the world so get ready to house/commute rave your asses off!!!

Download all the mixes as they come out here:

Volume 1 Mixed by Dj Frydae features a few of my original productions and or remix works as well as a slew of tunes provided to me from som of the rising stars of the bass sound of today including T.A.D.T and Pottymouth Music....

(VOl 1 Tracklisting)
1) Repin4da6oh3 -Frydae Ft RO
2)D.A.M.N- Freddiejay
3)Slam- Pendulum (Matt Cox Rmx)
4) Dwarf Porn (original)- Calverton vs. Itchyfeet
5)Bankok (original) -Boris Dlugosch
6)Kuku- Ac Slater Ft Fagget Fairys
7)Beat That Bird ( Fresh Peak's 2nd Birdleg)- Justin Martin & Claude VanStroke
8) Back to The Beat (Riva Star Rmx)-Reekay Garcia
9)Make Me Lose It- Monster Squad
10)I'm Walking (Lee Mortimer Rmx)- Shab Ruffcut &Tee Ski
11)Grifter (original rmx)- Calverton vs Itchyfeet
12)Hello (Dirty Basement Rmx) -Ac Slater
13)Tesla Coil (Frydae's Dubstep Remix- MO7S)
14) We Dont Give A F*#K!- Emynd Ft. YOung Chris
15)Bill Cosby Sweater ( Kazey & Bulldog Rmx) -Oh Snap!
16)Funk Hallelujah -Original Mix
17) I Get Drunk
18) Around The World (Rustler rmx)-Daft Punk
19)Killer (Afrojack rmx)- Fm Audio
20)Apocalypse Theme (12th Planet & Flinch Rmx)- Dave Nada
21) Major Lazors Vs. Ro (Manchester Gets it In Rmx)
22)Jump UP ft Sugahype ( Sticky K rmx)- Major Lazors
23) Jigga What -Cut N Run Ft Jay-z
24) Tippy (Cock Shot)- Frydae
25) NH2BK- LB Ft A.Z. produced by DC

Volume 2 is an absolute MUST HAVE from the Godfather Don of the 603, DJ MIDAS!!! From throwing some of the 1st and most legendary 1 off and weekly parties in the golden era of the N.E. scene to owning Manchester's last oasis of vinyl, Fortune 500 Records this man is truly the reason we do it how we do it up herrre...Be sure to listen intently as John melts your mind the way only he can on volume 2. No tracklisting up so far but that is of no concern as you wont know which way is up after about 3min of this mix!!!!

Midas Manchester midas500 manchvegas grindhouse fortune 500 electro
Volume 2 of the new Queen City mix collection "Fear and Loathing in Manchvegas" mixed live in the attic by DJ Midas

Hope you enjoy these mixes and make sure to check back for volume 3 mixed by K-Swiss of Rare Form Productions as well as Volume 4 mixed by SP1 (heard its already done...damn Shawn your good like that huh?)