Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pre WMC gifts from heaven like BLOCK GROUPER in Miami

So one of the good things about having your own blog is you can post your own shit and finally have tracks up on the "the blogs"!!! In a nod to that classic jump up boot everyone used as an intro round 96-97' here's a tune I just finished..
TWas the brainchild of my homie Julian B who started on this shit a minute ago, got bored with it, was hounded by me for stems, handed over said stems and from it comes this fuckin monstrosity. BASS FOR DAYS!!! Not sure if its quite done so make sure to hit me up with any suggestions before WMC....Plan on opening with this one @ Ultra and needs to go BOOOOOOOOOOOM to full capacity.

Also just added my new tune with with Drift MC. Its a rerub of Rip Groove 99' that he absolutely destroys....Feedback once again appreciated!

Once I've got a chance to play it out Ill pass it along to ya'll if your digging it...

RippinGroove 2009 FT Drift MC-Master by frydae

Finally avail for DL "Tippy"
Tippy(CockShot) Master by frydae

SuperIntro- Master by frydae

Rippin Grooves 2009 Ft Drift MC

RippinGroove 2009 FT Drift MC-Master by frydae