Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Been along time we should'na left ya....

WOW!!! So....I am officially BETTER after my post WMC meltdown (Not the Midas kind)..Needless to say I was a bit let down and all that good stuff but were back on our GRINDSKI!! Well on hiatus TWO new F.A.L.I.M.V volumes were released.

1st off is volume 6 by Marc (big daddy) Louis. Huge b-lines abound from the better ( half of PEQ-2 team. Nice up on the cover art too!!! Shits sweet kehd!!

Fear and Loathing In ManchVegas vol. 6 The Fear of LSD by Marc Louis

Next up we got the original don of manchester party rock the PB kidd!! A longtime friend and one hell of a dj...Greg put in work and popped out our 1st hip-hop volume of The Fear! Make sure to study this one cuz kids got skiiiiiiiilllzz!! RIP Guru!!

Fear & Loathing in ManchVegas Vol. 7...The Hip-Hop Edition by dj PB Kidd- Screwball DJs