Monday, December 20, 2010

Get Well Paul Johnson!

Ok, so I know there has been a HUGE lack of Posts lately... Been a Crazy few months for me. Going back to work full time, moving and all that fun jazz! I've recieved news that was a bit shocking and sad. Famous Chicago based DJ/Producer Paul Johnson has been seriously injured in an accident. This may not mean a lot to many of you out there but he was a HUGE influenced to me in my earlier days of DJ'ing. Believe it or not this guy used to bang out the disco, not the BASS! haha But seriously, If you want to know more about this tragedy or would like to know how you can help, click on the the banner below. Thanks for your time and I promise new posts are coming soon! ~K-Swiss

Paul Johnson Benefit

Here's a taste of Paul's Productions for anyone who SOMEHOW might not know who this man is or what it is he's done!!

A GREAT interview with the man himself to get some insight to this man and all the joy he has for the craft! ENJOY!

Paul Johnson for 5 Magazine from Czarina Mirani on Vimeo.