Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I can see I'm going BLND!!!!!!

Found this man one night trolling soundcloud and I'm sad to say never even got a listen till months later. Sadly his was one of those tracks banished to the bottom of a foldr probably a few hundred tunes deep that I dl'd that night. Any of the Serato using blog pillaging vagrants out there like myself knows this all too well..You sit down with a few of your favorite livations and get your interwebbing on and soon you have more tunes then you actually know what to do with.....With all this music accesible we must remember to make sure and go back to said folders young shwashbucklers cuz in these we find our diamond in the rough....Proper BOOTY EVEN!!

So here's a couple right now from the one like BLND!
this dude puts out more quality tunes in more sub genres of dance music then you can name! I asked and willingly had my inbox rammed with bangas so I felt it only right to spread the love....I know Ive said this a lot lately but some of his work will def be seeing its way into my sets for wmc this year so be on the lookout!!

Media fire is being lame so were going soundcloud on your ass!!

remixes by blnd

remixes by blnd

The one the got me hooked

Special Forces - Sidewinder (blnd! 4x4 Mix) by blnd

I'll delve out a few more in a couple o days to keep ya comin back and when mediafire isnt lame!!!

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