Thursday, February 18, 2010

New Bassy Business from City n Mixxy And Friends

If you dont know now you know!!!!! Hailing from Toronto, Canada, they hold several residencies around the city, and take part in countless festivals,underground parties & raves. They have played the biggest venues the city has(Comfort zone,Circa,Bassment,338,Home & rowdy house Harmony lounge) so you know these two definitely know how to WORK IT. Currently puttin' in work for Flexual records, Don't Look Productions, Christian Records,Crazy Rabbit Recordings, Omerta Records & representin DJ sessions entertainment & White rabbit & Bassteaser's crew. You can also find City & Mixxxy in the live electro/rock group "The Loot" & City team's up with local badboy Che DuBois which creates 3rd D'Gree. Learn it now, your new favorite Artist's............... DJ City & Miss Mixxxy holdin' can be reached @ :)

Check out their upcoming release "DIRTY F@#$IN' FIDGET EP" in snippet form then get some chapstick because you bass hungry mofos will be licking your chops for this ones release date (which I am unaware of btw)

Now that you've read about did read it correct? No wading in these square waves matey!!! Here's a couple of bass bangers to get your poop deck a wobblin ya land lubber!!!

Step to this-DJ City

Wobble like a champion-DJ City feat. Buju Banton(Promo use only)

Can't touch this '09-DJ City & Che DuBois pres. 3rd D'gree

And the giving (or forcing) doesnt stop there...Peep they mixtape efforts as well..

Battle set for Phresh(Round 1)

Make sure you show these folks the respect due and get your purchase on....