Saturday, January 30, 2010

3 Cheers for Crimes

It amazes me that I haven't heard of this kid sooner! CRIMES! is hailing outta "Killafornia" and has been making my eardrums sing for a few weeks now. I don't have much info on this guy, but, I have got some tracks that have thankfully floated into my inbox. I've tried searching his music on numerous blog aggregators as well as popular mp3 download sites and came up with nothing... strange.

Don't know how such work could go unnoticed. So let me do the pleasure of getting him some notariety on our blog. I'll be honest with ya. After not finding his tracks elsewhere I almost wanted to keep them to myself. Then I decided that this needs to be heard more than that! We're talkin 'bout some serious bass business.

After scrubbin through his myspace a bit I cam e to realize this kid's seriously talented. There's dope tracks, and some killer artwork. I would have to say you need to get your ass there and show some RESPECT! So check out CRIMES! and now onto the music...

First up is a BANGER that I have put into my rotation! Big drums and Big BASS!
CRIMES! - How We Get Down.mp3

Now, yet another big 4x4 Banger. Some good drum work, some psuedo "ravey" synths and a big wobbly bassline.
CRIMES! - Dieing is Easy.mp3

What more can I say, this kid's tracks are HUGE! This on'es got a nice militant snare line and the 2nd break hits on the DubStep tip for sure! I'll be droppin this one TOMORROW!
CRIMES! - Shit Like This.mp3

Ok, with that out the way, of course we got some Dubstep tracks!
CRIMES! - 100 Proof

Here's a slower feelin dub track. It may have a slower feel but it will still give ya a kick in the seat.
CRIMES! - Killa Dub.mp3

Finally I'll leave ya a few more. A couple of remixes and tracks that I'll let speak for themselves!
The Darkness - I Believe In A Thing Called Love(CRIMES! - Remix).mp3

Knightstalkers - Narcotics(CRIMES! - REMIX).mp3

Pitbull Ft Trina And Young Bo - Go Girl (CRIMES BOOTY REMIX).mp3

CRIMES! - Party Crasha (CRIMES! Raided ReEdit).mp3

I'll now repeat again, get to this guys myspace page and SHOW SOME MAJOR RESPECT!!