Thursday, January 7, 2010

Monsterous Dubstep from SP1- No 4 in the Fear n Loathing series!!!

I wrote Shawn (SP1) a text earlier today and told him how I planned to have drug fueled sex to this mix in the near future and it was no joke... I actually have had this for about a week now and it hasn't left my car's CD player since!!!

Sexy, not sludgy electrostep and dubstep on this the 4th installment of FALIMV mixtape series...This kid is killing it everywhere he plays and I suggest someone move on this kid before he owns the world!!! If your looking to book him as Im positive you will be get @ Midas or Shawn via soundcloud, FB or Myspace( Ill update links later Im just lazy right now)

Fear & Loathing in Manch Vegas Vol. 4 (back to manch vegas) by SP1
Fear and Loathing In Manchvegas Volume 4.
1 intro
2 night by night (skream remix)
3 broken string (tek one)
4 dressed to digress (nero remix)
5 more then friends (emperatron remix)
6 cold rocker (george lenton)
7 the kiss (banga tang remix)
8 hornz cru (rusko)
9 make it funky for me (rusko remix)
10 c jahova (rusko)
11 the takeover (caspa)
12 ghosts 'n' stuff (nero remix)
13 bionic commando (rusko)
14 animal (jakwob remix)
15 jungle whomp (george lenton)
16 one last time (george lenton)
17 satellite (hudson mohawke remix)
18 under the sheets (jakwob remix)
19 everyday (jakwob remix)