Friday, January 8, 2010

Slickest dj booth on 4 wheels!!

Well, although the picture is worth a thousand words. I'm left with more questions, such as.. "Where the FUNK do I cop one of these?" I mean seriously, This thing is MASSIVE! It's as if they took the Pope-Mobile and handed it over to a bunch of ravers for a new series of Overhaulin' I can imagine the discussion on this one
"Well we always wanted to rave in 3 states in one night, and now we can. Just get this thing on the interstate and we're doin it!At 65mph+"

Also, if we took off the brake and threw this in nuetral would the bass move it. I think if that worked and you had the crew here at Undercarriage behind the decks. We'd have those HUGE subwoofers workin it up to aroud 30mph!! On the real though this thing is juiced up! Sportin 2 tech 1200's, a mixer(unknown), and a vast array of seemingly rocket powered speakers. This thing takes the term "mobile dj" to a whole new level!


Here's an excerpt from Dutch Artist Olaf Mooij who created this beast!: "The idea for the DJ Mobile is inspired by the song "God is a DJ" [from faithless] and the car of our HOLY-POPE. These two things were mixed together and there it was the DJ Mobile. The DJ Mobile is a functional artwork with a PA System built in" he also goes on to add that you can RENT this thing for events! Man to live out there we'de be ravin on regular! Where you ask.. Oh here , there and ANY FUCKIN WHERE WE WANT!!