Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Computers are actually up to good while you sleep!!

In a world where we are constantly "connected" its only natural to fear the day when the machines takeover al la T2,Matrix etc..But like the Japanese have figured out the machines arent trying to take over they just want to make pretty images thatjust may invoke seizures!! Give a big fuck you sized dick kick to Neo and his band of apocalyptic nerds and put the "machine" to work for you all the while getting badly needed ravist!!

Get this great open source (PC and Mac) screen saver by Scott Draves that runs on thousands of computers around the world while their users aren't using them. The computers calculate complicated fractal images and share and display the results (sheeps). You can vote for your favorite fractal animations with your keyboard, so they live longer in the genetic algorithm. You can also design your own sheep on pc mac or linux using - where you can find the tool, the source code and bunch of tutorials to get you started. Other tools are available on

Consider what generated fractals can do for a VJ's show!!!

Big ups to Subtechnology for this axn!