Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Big tings a gwaaan over @ Cable Recordings!!

*****Sorry For the mixup before...the links have been corrected on this post
I've been holding these off for a week or so and in that short time Justin Johnson and crew from Cable Recordings put a yet more remixes in the can and in our inbox..Official release Im told isn't till April so I wont let out all the goodies out until a bit closer to then, in order to keep you all from complete meltdown (specially for free lol)

What I will give to you blog ass fiends is a lil bit of the Mighty

Lee Combs
remixing Justin Johnson and 3po's NY Stories..HUGE!!! Breakbeat then 4/4 bassy, techy whatever the fuck you kids call it today its HUGE!!! Definetly finding it into my next mix so dont even try that all know who you is!

Justin Johnson And 3PO "NY Stories"(Lee Coombs Rmx)

Next up is a remix by Dj Nomad moodier and more minimal (ummm...yeah) progressive-y kinda...i dunno download and peep it ya damnselfs...

Ny Stories" (Dj Nomad Rmx)

Below is the
press write up..Be on the lookout right herr for soooooo much more from this label real soon!!

"In 2007, we released the Trendroid remix of New York Stories, but decided to hold back on releasing the original. Well, we said it's finally about time we released the original, but we thought "let's get Lee Coombs to remix it"!!!!
We've also got DJ Nomad NYC to do a Tribal remix, and it's very NYC Tribal Progressive sounding. "

All sorts of places to peep and buy music from these fine gents so get to supporting creatons....



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