Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday is full of Black Noise!

Well it's friday and I am stoked for the weekend. Great things happening in the area. Headed to Rise tonight to see Dj Dan and Endo. As if that wasn't enough Jeff Gil's birthday is tomorrow @ Privus w/ dj's Odi, Domonique, and Sex Goliath. And of course Sunday we've got 603 Sessions @ TJ's. So for the kick off to the weekend I've got some MEGA tunes...

Alright peeps, next up we've got some choons from Black Noise. Now, by definition, Black Noise is the absence of noise, or silence. This is NOT the case with these guys. We're talkin HUGE! Great production that demands to be followed with their original work and remixes to the likes of Crookers, Tonka, Laidback Luke & Diplo, and Trevor Loveys. Also, I might add that they've been extremely pleasent to converse with and I'm glad to have the pleasure of them agreeing to share these tracks. They've got bangin beats, fresh sounds, and of course BIG BASS!(what else did you expect?) You gotta know by now that here at the undercarriage, we love us some bass. So let's roll through what we've got...

First up we've got One of their works, Knock You Out(kick the break VIP) which has some classic stabs and break sounds layered over a fidget base, and A KILLER bassline.I know Kyle's gonna get down on this one.(If he hasn't already)
Black Noise-Knock You Out(kick the break VIP)

Next up we've got their remixes of Duck Sauce's "Anyway". Just to keep you on "the know" Duck Sauce is A-Trak and Armand Van Helden. With that said, the disco mix is outside of what I've come to know of Black Noise but still MAJOR. Then of course they went ahead and paired that with the duely titled bassline mix. Enjoy!
Duck Sauce-Anyway (Black Noise Disco Mix)

Duck Sauce-Anyway (Black Noise Bassline Mix)

Last up, we've got a remix they did of Tonka's "Jack Track". I really like where this one has gone. It's almost remeniscent of the speed garage sound. Some smooth synths and rolling bassline. Another definate keeper!
Tonka-Jack Track (Black Noise VIP remix)

Added spice right here! This is the video to their track "Jackin' My Fresh" featuring Lex One. Wish I had the track to post up but if you want it, show some respect to Black Noise and buy it at

OK, OK, one more fix... We've got a 30 minute mixtape of these guys. If you enjoy the tracks, you'll enjoy the mix, so listen and enjoy. I know I did!

Black Noise 30min Slash-and-Burn Mix
01. Miike Snow - Black & Blue (Andy George & Jaymo Mx)
02. Ladyhawke - Back Of The Van (A1 Bassline Mx)
03. Black Noise ft. Lex-One - Jackin My Fresh
04. The Young Punx ft. Count Bass D - Ready For The Fight (Black Noise Mx)
05. Will Bailey - Hit The Club (Mightyfools Mx)
06. LMHMKMKM - Fukk Off (Disco Of Doom Mx)
07. Beni - Fringe Element (Alex Gopher Mx)
08. Sawgood - CTRL Ur Brain (Calvertron Mx)
09. Audio Fun - Dirty Gold (Tonka Mx)
10. Black Noise ft. Murs - Looking Fly (Accapella)
11. Tom Staar - Erm
12. Kid Cudi - Make Her Say (Afrojack Mx)
13. N.E.R.D - Time For Some Action (Nom De Strip Mx)
14. Crookers - Put Your Hands On Me (Black Noise Mx)
15. Black Noise - JUngle Iz Em