Monday, January 25, 2010

January 30th another Space Banga!!!

Everybody loves SPACE! Is it the open bar? Is it the lasers? Maybe the dope djs and huge dance floor? Take your pick, and for this party we have made several improvements to the venue. Space is a fully renovated loft with high ceilings in a building that for whatever reason allows us to party hard and late! So far we have the following dj's scheduled:

DJ Frydae

Representin' Manch Vegas spinning "bass/b-more/dubstep/fidget and maybe some d&b"

JSB - Space resident
All kinda breaks and crazy remixes

Sex Goliath - Space resident
Hip Hop/Mashup or electro set

More coming...

***Just added ****
One of the baddest VJ's on the planet Kedaar Kumar baby!!!

Guest list only!
Tighter than ever! Not on list? BYE BYE!!!!

Must submit an RSVP on the Facebook Invite then also

Follow instructions carefully to get on the list, messages with instructions and more details coming soon.

Same deal w/ the bar. No complaining, sob-story telling, hating. You all will be pleasantly surprised with the tasty additions that we have in store. Bring peace and good times! Any questions message chris or jared.......we outta here!!!