Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hole Bunch Of Funkin Gonuts From Beyond Zilla!!

MassiFF respect to the one like Simply Jeff for supplying the funk in 2010 and for ALL of yours and mine's ravin' career for that matter

2 Different releases on the Beyond Zilla imprint here for you to peep and I'd say something for nearly everyone..

First up.. as he sent it 1st is a MONSTER of a tune called Hemisphere and 3 remixes of said tune....Jeff's Original Mix is a squelchy fidget romp that is definitely tearing up a rave in LA this minute, all the while feeling like it could've been doing the same thing in 97-98' Big Big Tune :)

Of the other remixes my personal favorite is Brian Thomas' in fact don't be surprised if this sneaks into the Ultra set cuz the bass is freakin b-a-n-an-as!!! Bass line is a killer!!! Somebody tell this dude to holla at the Undercarriage crew cuz this is WHAT Keith and I DO...Dang!!!

Now that your ear pussies are wet peep the video for Jeff's new tune and go COP THAT SHIT!!