Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Stupid Fresh Remixes Chris Lake

So with the Crazy weekend I've been slackin a bit. So now I'll bring back some tunes and other music happennings.

Stupid Fresh are Chris Elliott and Tod Hodge. They have tracks signed to Vacation Records and are offically signed to Micky Slim’s Bomb Squad label.The duo - Tod Hodge and Chris Elliot to their mums - have very quickly risen from virtual unknowns to download chart-roasting, scene-leading heroes of international renown. And when they’re knocking out some of the most eye-wateringly effective dancefloor music of recent years, it’s hardly surprising, is it?

Stupid Fresh’s trademark blend of sledgehammer beats, elephantine bass, and lashings of groove has won support across the board from their peers, radio, bloggers and most importantly, dancefloors. The duo are also dab hands behind the ones and twos, commended for their sicker-than-an-ebola-outbreak sets, and have rubbed shoulders with names like Jesse Rose, Fergie and Richard Dinsdale. (The latter of whom they are lucky to still be on cordial terms with, after an unfortunate flatulence blunder in a DJ booth when they first met. It wasn’t just the tunes that were sick that night...)

These lads are CRAZY! So I suggest you take a listen, take heed, and prepare to be blown away! And as always show some support and buy some tracks at

Chris Lake & Lys - La Tromba (Stupid Fresh We Announce The Remix)

DJ Dan - Needle Damage(Stupid Fresh Remix)

Would love to post more tunes but, this is what I got for ya. I suggest some serious searchin and downloading of these guys' material! Such as this bomb thay I've dropped on a few dancefloors myself. Great material comin out from Stupid Fresh...