Monday, January 4, 2010

Logic 9 Shortcuts Brought to You by AudioTuts+

Good Morning!!!

If you haven't already make sure to pop over and check out Audiotuts+ they have all kinds of good tutorials for almost every DAW..They include both step by step written tutorials as well as video tuts usually with a sample file included. As I am a devout LOGIC user I found their site for the Logic content but they have lots of tutoriols on Pro-tools ,Reason and Ableton and most likely all of today's top DAW's on their site..

Here is a sweet little compilation of the shortcut commands for logic 9. Yes I realize these can be found in the manual but I figured this as good as any time to put ya'll on to their site!

Essential Keyboard Shortcuts
You can see all of Logic’s keyboard shortcuts in the Keyboard Manager. I’m listing them here because there are so many, you many have trouble figuring out which ones to memorize. The follow shortcuts are the ones that will really make working with your projects much quicker. Secondly, you can print this reference out and look at it as you use Logic — as far as I’m aware there’s no keyboard shortcut cheat sheet that comes with Logic.

We won’t cover the standard File menu shortcuts that you should know from using computers in general, though I will reiterate that Cmd+S is the shortcut to save your project and you should make it a goal to get this shortcut to become a subconscious habit so you’re saving your work all the time and don’t need to think about doing it.

Record Enable Track: Ctrl+R
Record: R
Toggle Mute Track: Ctrl+M
Toggle Solo Track: Ctrl+S
Play/Stop: Space
Rewind: ,
Fast Rewind: Shift+,
Forward: .
Fast Forward: Shift+.
Create Marker: Ctrl+K
Rename: Cmd+Return
Toggle Cycle Mode: C
Open Mixer: Cmd+2
Open Arrange: Cmd+1
Close Window: Cmd+W
Toggle Bin: B
Bounce: Cmd+B
Zoom Window: Shift+Cmd+M
Import Audio: Shift+Cmd+I
Learn New: Cmd+L (for learning hardware controller signals)
Toggle Zoom: Z
Quantize Selected Events: Q
Select Previous Region: Left Arrow
Select Next Region: Right Arrow
Select Previous Track: Up Arrow
Select Next Track: Down Arrow
New Track: Option+Cmd+N
New Track with Duplicate Settings: Cmd+D
Hide/Show Track Automation: A
This is by no means a comprehensive listing of shortcuts. It’s not meant to be — these are the ones that are actually useful in a day-to-day project setting, with none of the more obscure and less useful shortcuts in the way